Analytics & Business Intelligence

Analytics & Business Intelligence


Wiseboard Retail

Ensure instant KPI monitoring of the management team and benefit from real-time decision-making with Wiseboard Retail, a retail software designed to provide the best experience to customers.

Wiseboard Insurance

Reduce costs while minimizing project implementation and development time with Wiseboard Insurance, a plug-and-play data warehouse model and ETL solution.


Eyeqube Engine

It is designed to help you in processes such as determining an offer price for an insurance company or approving a loan application for a bank. Increase productivity by making fast and accurate decisions.

Eyeqube Retail

It is a platform developed by applying current data analytics techniques specific to the retail industry. It has a software component supported by user-friendly interfaces positioned around analytical methods.

Eyeqube Motto

It accelerates the digital transformation in the sector with the in-depth data analysis and interactive CRM integration that institutions need.

CubeView HR

With Cubeview, the time spent by human resources personnel on steps such as payroll and budgeting is reduced and the margin of error is reduced to zero.



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