Budget Planning Solutions

Budget Planning Solutions

Use your financial resources in the most efficient way and achieve your strategic goals

We know how important it is for you to use the financial resources of your organization in the most efficient way to achieve your strategic goals. For this reason, we are here for you to develop a professional roadmap in the process of selecting, applying technologies that will contribute to your organization and analyzing the results.

We are ready for consultancy with our expert team to smoothly implement the digital transformation plan, which becomes a complex and multifaceted process without proper planning, and to be on the "same page" with all team members.

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Budget Planning Solutions

CFO's biggest supporter:
GTech Budget Planning Solutions

In order to implement a digital transformation plan, it is of great importance that the executive team acts together with the employees within the organization. However, during the transformation process, which can become complex from time to time, the CFO must be able to take over the management correctly and adapt the plan as necessary in response to changing conditions. As such, the CFO should ensure that digital transformation is successful and creates long-term value for the company.

As GTech, we stand by the CFO's office in the budget, planning and forecasting processes.

Discover budget planning and forecasting services

We analyze both technology and CFO demands with our Corporate Performance Management experts. We provide the following benefits in the budget, planning and forecasting process:

Better focus on cost and profitability,

Versioning and simulation capability,

Rapid forecasting capability,

Advanced corporate data management and governance,

Ease of approval, authorization, and auditing,

Fast modeling and computation capability,

Capability for flexible and comprehensive reporting,

Fact-based financial reports,

Capability for data automation in planning and reporting,

Simplified analysis and financial reporting capability,

Ability of users to make their own analysis and reporting

Understanding of budget planning and forecasting from GTech

As GTech, we treat all of the budget planning and forecasting processes as separate modules.

Then we categorize the internal processes of your organization and associate similar processes. Afterwards, we create financial statements, reports and dashboards by combining modules developed for different purposes.

We create and submit actual comparative company/department performance reports with automatic data transfers from various sources. In this way, all units affiliated to the institution can quickly provide and analyze their financial performance in real time.

  • Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

    Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

    Helps you plan accurately and connectedly across your business and always be prepared for the next step. It overcomes uncertainty with scenario modeling, while enabling you to leverage built-in applications and predictive intelligence across finance and line-of-business operations.

  • Hyperion Financial Planning:

    Hyperion Financial Planning:

    While ensuring that financial and operational planning processes operate in an integrated manner with each other, it offers valuable solutions at the point of forecasts. It makes a better management possible with different scenarios and central planning, budgeting and forecasting options that increase predictability.

The value created by the Financial Consolidation with GTech

  • Ensuring process optimization
  • Having more time for analysis and decision-making processes and ease of strategic decision-making based on real data
  • Ensuring process automation in data collection
  • Saving time and avoiding errors thanks to centralized and automated processes
  • Easy execution of analyses by business units
  • Providing the management report set quickly and automatically and forwarding it to the people
  • Ensuring data security
  • Establishing versioning, approval authorization, and control mechanisms and facilitating their follow-up
  • Flexible, accurate, and fast reporting convenience and creation of customized dashboards

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