Microsoft Azure

With the highest number of data centers, Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing platform that allows you to access and manage Microsoft services and resources, is now ready to add value to your organization with GTech support. You can store and transform your data based on your needs and take advantage of easy access.

GTech + Microsoft Azure: Control of data is a ”connection" away from you

Microsoft Azure is an online portal that requires only an active internet connection to access all MS services and resources. By accessing the Azure portal with the GTech implementation, you can benefit from 50+ data centers worldwide.


With Microsoft Azure, you can manage web applications and services and benefit from data storage and analysis options. In addition to running virtual machines and capsules, the solution is used by many organizations to develop and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning models and is also preferred for developing and deploying mobile and IoT applications. Microsoft Azure also provides valuable solutions for backup, disaster recovery, archiving and network & content distribution.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure, a favorite of Fortune 500 companies


Microsoft Azure allows users to easily increase or decrease platform resources according to their needs, so there is no need for a large upfront investment in hardware.


Microsoft Azure supports various operating systems, programming languages, and frameworks, making it easy for users to work with existing applications and tools.


Microsoft Azure offers a variety of services and features, such as load balancing, auto-scaling, and disaster recovery, ensuring the availability and reliability of applications and data.


Microsoft Azure offers a variety of security features and services, such as data encryption, identity management, and threat protection, so that applications and data are protected.

Global scope

Microsoft Azure provides faster performance and lower latency by placing applications and data closer to their users with the data center network.

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Experience the advantages of Microsoft Azure with GTech difference

As GTech, we have been helping organizations design, implement and manage Microsoft Azure solutions for many years with our advanced technology and expert staff. Some of the services we offer:

  • Cloud migration

    We help organizations migrate their existing loads to Azure and take advantage of scalability and cost advantages.

  • DevOps and automation

    We help organizations automate their DevOps applications and operatiaons with Azure DevOps and Azure Automation.

  • Security and compliance

    We step in and provide security support to ensure that organizations meet industry standards and comply with the law in Azure solutions.

  • Data and analytics

    We enable organizations to analyze the results they get from their data using Azure services such as Azure SQL, Azure Data Factory and Power BI.

  • IoT and edge computing

    We help organizations connect IoT devices using Azure IoT Hub and deploy and manage their solutions using Azure Edge.

Explore GTech's Microsoft Azure methodology

At GTech, we are fundamentally committed to helping our customers fully utilize the power and capabilities of the Azure platform to meet their business needs and goals.

  • Assessment

    We start the process by evaluating our customer's existing IT infrastructure, identifying areas that can be used to improve the performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness of Microsoft Azure.

  • Migration

    We help our customer to migrate their existing applications and loads to Microsoft Azure. This service may include running a virtual machine in Azure or using Azure PaaS services.

  • Development

    We develop new applications and services together with our customers.  This service may include using Azure DevOps for continuous integration and deployment, Azure functions for serverless computing, and machine learning for data science and analytics.

  • Management

    We help manage and monitor our customers' Azure environment and support them in monitoring and solving problems. We manage access and permissions and perform updates and upgrades.

  • Optimization

    We help optimize our customers' use of Microsoft Azure, identify areas that can reduce costs and improve performance, and deliver solutions.

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