To reduce the risk of data loss:
MongoDB with GTech consultancy

GTech is here with MongoDB solution, a NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database software for key-value storage & querying of your data, regardless of size.


Start storing and managing large datasets immediately with MongoDB and GTech expertise, which offer more flexible options compared to many solutions, especially when data structures are complex.

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Scalability, backup and restore; all in MongoDB

MongoDB, which appears as a member of the document-based database category of the NoSQL databases family, stores the data without the need for configuration and allows you to query it in the same way. MongoDB, an open-source database, also has an enterprise distribution with additional features to meet the needs of large organizations (backup, auditing, etc.). This solution, which has the ability to store data in a distributed structure, is positioned horizontally in the form of clusters consisting of scalable multiple servers.

MongoDB usage areas

  • Content management
  • Real-time analytics
  • e-Commerce
  • Mobile applications
  • Social networks
  • Games
  • IoT

Discover GTech's
MongoDB expertise

As a MongoDB Enterprise partner, we carry out domestic and international consultancy services through our MongoDB-approved certified experts and provide support on the following topics;

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