Magic Reports Banking

The architect of fast and automatically organized reports: Magic Reports Banking

Magic Reports Banking is a Legal Reporting Platform that enables the preparation of reports that must be sent to official institutions in the field of banking in full automation and meeting all business, audit and process requirements in this process.

It provides retrospective accountability and access to accurate information, thanks to the log structure created by considering both the rules determined by legal institutions and information technology standards. It also supports institutions in reporting consistent data.

Magic Reports Banking

Working model of Magic Reports Banking

  • It is reconciled with the trial balance.

  • Data quality controls are completed.

  • According to the consistency principle, all reports are generated from the same tables.

  • Data sets such as loans and deposits suitable for ad-hoc reporting are provided.

  • Cash and non-cash risks for the top 200 groups with the highest risk are determined.

  • Follow-up rates by segments; Loan and collateral balance ratios are determined according to collateral groups, Its structure can be expanded effortlessly.

  • The entire journey of the data from the source to the report -data lineage- can be traced.

Corrections in report production

  • Parametric Corrections

    - Parametric structure including templates

    - Ability to update report templates (versioning and adding sub-breakdown)

    - Approved parameter definition and changes

  • Manual Corrections

    - Approved raw data correction

    - Approved correction and adjustment

    - Manual file upload

Things you can do with Magic Reports Banking

Things you can do with <span>Magic Reports Banking</span>


Report-based authority management
Delegation of authority LDAP integration and authentication
User management Define user profile in different roles

Things you can do with <span>Magic Reports Banking</span>

Data protection and retention

Report detail records
Manuel operation
Retrospective study

Things you can do with <span>Magic Reports Banking</span>

Other controls

User submission statement screen
Pre- or post-delivery alerts
Crossed control screen and the user manual
Report schedule automation and approval mechanism
Ability of reports to operate independently/in parallel

Monitoring and control elements

1. Logging and monitoring

  • Login, approval, correction, explanation, justification, parameter, login and logout, delegation and working hours
  • Log records in accordance with official audit and IT standards

2. Data quality traceability and storage

  • Parametric and extensible data quality controls
  • Automatic mailing before and after reporting
  • Data processing in compliance with ETL standards
  • Tracking historical data source for each report with data lineage
  • Granular storage of the data subject to the report
  • Responding retrospectively, effectively, and quickly to internal and independent audit, inspection, and auditor questions
  • Keeping the data that are and may be subject to the report and ad-hoc reports in tables in the database in accordance with the DWH model standards

3. Report-based control

  • User-specified cross-checks
  • Numerical and logical cross-checks between BRSA and CBRT reports
  • Consistency between reports thanks to the common data pool
  • Ability to check retrospectively
    • The information about which customer is in which row and column is archived in detailed reports.
    • Report-based datamarts are available.
  • User experience
  • Bank product and service information
  • Data processing experience
  • Project experience in four banks
  • Reporting experience
  • System and DB optimization

An effective project organization with GTech

As GTech, we provide fast and automatic reports to organizations with our experienced and qualified business and technical analysis team in the field of official reporting. We guarantee uninterrupted and successful process management with our software consultants, system, and database team.

We offer a highly efficient and seamless experience to our end users with our process owners and Project Management Team.

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