Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database with GTech consultancy: DataStax

Specifically designed for the processing of large-scale data structures, DataStax focuses on the NoSQL database management system based on the open-source Apache Cassandra. Apache Cassandra, which adapts perfectly to many usage scenarios depending on the nature of your data, guarantees to bring advanced features such as zero downtime, auditing, backup, monitoring, search, and analytics to your organization with GTech assurance and expertise.

Experience this solution with GTech, where log analytics works can be located on the storage layer in banking mobile applications where zero interruption is vital.

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DataStax preferred by Fortune 100

DataStax, which provides open source, scaling, and enterprise-level operability, has been preferred by Fortune 100 companies so far because of its ability to support intensive data load. With GTech consultancy, you can experience the basic Cassandra features such as scaling and backup, as well as additional services such as security, monitoring, management, and analytical tools.

GTech + DataStax: All advantages

High scaling

DataStax takes advantage of the linearly scalability features provided by Cassandra. This ensures that the performance of the database does not decrease as it grows.

Enterprise-level features

DataStax offers enterprise-level features in addition to Cassandra. For example, it may include additional services such as security, monitoring, management, and analytical tools.

High availability

DataStax takes advantage of the high availability features provided by Cassandra. This ensures that the database can continue to serve even in the event of any node failure.

Simplified management

The operational management tool offered by DataStax simplifies management, backup, and performance monitoring for all clusters.


  • Helps to solve complex tasks with ease.

  • Offers a simple, masterless architecture that can be easily learnt.

  • Provides value to users in terms of operational cost.

  • Accelerates processes with fast writing and reading performances.

  • Creates value with its flexible and fault tolerance minimizing structure.

Discover the DataStax advanced workload package

DataStax Advanced Workload (AWS) is a package that offers additional features and capabilities for organizations that need to process large and complex data loads. Built on DataStax Enterprise, the package is a great solution for managing and optimizing data in environments that require high availability and performance. This ideal package, delivered with GTech assurance, provides the perfect solution for organizations managing complex use cases such as real-time reporting, high-performance transaction systems and data storage.

Discover GTech expertise for DataStax

As a DataStax partner, we provide consultancy services both domestically and internationally with our certified experts. We assist organisations in the following areas:

  • Ability to set up, configure and manage cluster structures,

  • Ability to install, configure and manage the OpsCenter,

  • Version upgrades,

  • Authorization & authentication,

  • Query optimization,

  • Data transfer (migration),

  • Cassandra LDAP integration,

  • Cassandra Audit integration,

  • Cassandra health check,

  • MongoDB Atlas,

  • Replicaset Cluster backup,

  • Cluster backup & restore.

Major industries rising with NoSQL and Apache Cassandra

  • Health
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Public
  • Public

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