Reach the right solution instantly

Smartbank is a big data platform that offers the right solution to the customer at the right time in banking services and provides a frictionless customer experience.

Smartbank, a digital banking platform, provides instant delivery of the right solution to the customer and makes personalized recommendations by identifying opportunities that the customer does not evaluate through micro-segmentation.

It provides solutions to increase the satisfaction of bank customers by collecting data from different bank channels such as online, mobile, and ATM.

In addition, it carries out information activities against cases of directing assistance or misconduct during or after the services offered by banks to their customers.

Track the effects of your customer’s requests end-to-end with Smartbank

The banking area is an area that requires action to be taken against all kinds of transactions made in terms of sensitivity and security. For this reason, in order to monitor the effects of all kinds of voluntary or involuntary requests directed by the customer toward the system, integrated internal structures must be able to communicate without interruption.

Smartbank provides finalized responses to customer requests as a holistic system, and thus prepares the ground for informing the customer by monitoring the integration and control points, explaining the reason for an error-prone request to the customer.

Contributions to the
banking sector with its advantageous features

Real-time action taking

When a problem occurs, it takes immediate action and sends alerts, calls APIs, or informs business units.

Data correlation & processing

It collects data from different sources and channels in real time or in bulk. It processes the data by associating it in memory and enriches it with the data warehouse.

Flow analytics

By creating association rules, it applies anomaly matching algorithms to detect fraud situations.

Creating rules & flows

It is a self-service platform that includes rule and flow changing and adding features for business users and completes A/B testing and control through the recommended system.

Creating a proposal

Recommendations are generated with trend models based on real-time data and data warehouse. The models are updated automatically.

Real-time monitoring

Creates real-time dashboards and monitors measurements.

Why Smartbank?

Increase customer satisfaction

It allows digital banking platforms to inform their customers during or after the service in case of redirection of assistance, abuse, or fraud.

Communicate across digital channels

By consolidating the data obtained from cross-platforms, it provides very fast feedback and solution in case of problems with a service concept that facilitates the customer's transactions thanks to an end-to-end solution.

Facilitate detection with the warning system

It performs real-time anomaly detection in the usage behavior of customers on different banking platforms.

Make accurate predictions with real-time data

Smartbank is an end-to-end big data platform that collects near real-time contact data, can instantly make recommendations and guidance, predict outlier behaviors, and create dynamic rules based on historical behavioral dat

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