Real Time Data Integration

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Striim is a real-time big data integration and analysis platform that enables organizations to collect data of structural types such as Data Warehouse, CRM and non-structural data (such as loT and M2M, application and system logs, mobile application, instant traffic and weather data) in common data lakes with powerful integration adapters.

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An End-To-End Big Data Platform

Striim’s patented software combines real-time data ingestion, stream processing, pipeline monitoring, and real-time delivery with validation in a single product.

Striim performs in-flight data processing such as filtering, transformations, aggregations, masking, and enrichment of streaming data with reference data before delivering with sub-second latency to diverse environments, in the cloud or on-premise. It continuously ingests a wide variety of high-volume, high-velocity data from enterprise databases with low-impact change data capture log files, messaging systems, Hadoop, cloud applications, and IoT devices in real time.

It sends real-time notifications such as E-mail, SMS, Web Alert, Push Notification according to the rules defined on the flowing data.

Why Striim?

Sub-Second Latency

While the data is produced within milliseconds, the processes of reading and processing this data continue without delay.

Log-Based CDC

Non-intrusive, minimal impact ingestion for relational databases.

Real-Time Monitoring
with Validation

Offers visibility into the health of the data pipelines and verifies data delivery.

In-Memory Computing (IMC)

Uses IMC for high-speed message infrastructure, data grid, event stream processing, and visualization.

Flexible Time Windows

Provides time-based, event-based, and session-based windowing.

Cloud Integration

Provides real time data transfer between On-Premise and Cloud systems.

Real Time Integration

Striim is an end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform moves and transforms data with sub-second latency.

It combines non-intrusive, real-time change data capture capabilities with in-flight data processing and data visualization to deliver timely and enriched data to the enterprise. Striim provides an intuitive development experience with wizard-based user interface and speeds time-to-deployment with pre-built data pipelines. Using an SQL-like language, it is familiar to both business analysts and developers.

Step into innovations with Striim’s smart data architecture!

Creating value is in your hands

Work with Timely Data

Integrate your data in real time, without modifying or slowing down source systems.

Remove All Data Siloes

Extract from and deliver to a wide variety of systems including log files, heterogeneous databases, sensors, message queues.

Build a Smart Architecture

Pre-process and enrich the data-in-motion with reference data before real-time, streaming analytics using an end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform.

CDC (Change Data Capture)

Striim is the only end-to-end platform to provide ingestion and processing of real-time change data in a single platform that also includes streaming analytics and visualization.

Moving change data continuously as new database transactions occur enables you to analyze up-to-date information and respond to time-sensitive issues immediately. By using Striim’s log-based CDC capabilities you can minimize overhead on the source systems, extending hardware lifetime, and ensure timely data processing without facing batch window limitations. Moving only the change data, and throughout the day, allows better network bandwidth utilization and drives communication cost savings.

Striim has built-in monitoring to validate that the database transactions have been applied successfully to the target, which provides additional assurance for data consistency especially during migration use cases.

Real Time

Data capture is continuous as new database transactions occur.

Broad Support

Offers CDC for Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, MySQL, and MariaDB.

Low Impact

With log-based CDC no changes or extra workload required for sources.

Fast Time-To-Market

The data flow modules and wizard-based user interfaces that come ready in the product provide a fast transition to the live.

Zero Data Loss

Continuously validates source and target database consistency.


Minimizes network usage and extends lifespan of servers.

Anomaly and Pattern Detection

Striim offers an end-to-end solution for real-time data integration, comprehensive streaming analytics, and data visualization to accurately discover critical, time-sensitive insights and enables automated response. Its ease-of-use enables fast time-to-market and easy modification of analytical applications.

As a complete, enterprise-grade platform, it meets the strict security, reliability, and scalability requirements of business-critical solutions.

Cloud Integration

Striim automates and simplifies streaming data pipelines for cloud environments. With its non-intrusive change data capture feature, it extracts real-time data without slowing down source transactional databases.

In addition to enabling cloud migration with zero database downtime and zero data loss with real-time cloud migration monitoring, Striim feeds real-time data with full-context ready for rich analytics on the cloud by performing filtering, transformation, aggregation, and enrichment on data-in-motion.

Striim delivers real-time data to Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud.

Integrate All Data

Correlate multiple sources to identify relationships that point solutions cannot detect.

Get Accurate Results

Use flexible and advanced streaming analytics on pre-processed data to accurately identify events of interest.

Automate Smart Actions

View your data, get real-time alerts, and trigger workflows automatically to take smart action on urgent insights.

Setup Real-Time Data Pipelines

Easily extend your data center to cloud with simplified real-time data synchronization.

Gain Operational Value

Gain timely operational insights from cloud-based analytics using real-time data delivered in a consumable format.

Use an Enterprise-Grade Solution

Move high-volume data to cloud with built-in delivery validation and monitor data pipeline health in real time.

An Easy-To-Use Platform

Install the end-to-end solution that provides real-time data integration and flow with its customizable structure, in just a few days.

With prebuilt data pipelines, out-of-the-box wizards for configuration and coding, and a drag-and-drop dashboard builder, Striim speeds time-to-deployment. Its SQL-based language makes it easy to modify the applications as business needs change.

Data Sources and Targets

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