Symphony Banking

End-to-end new generation banking solution: Symphony Banking

The new generation technologies, which have replaced traditional methods, bring with them a transformation process in the field of banking and financial technologies, and the competitive environment is changing significantly.

Banks that need to benefit from these technologies in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers by providing easy access to daily products and services prefer Symphony Banking, an end-to-end banking application that has the ability to integrate easily with its well-designed architectural infrastructure.

Built on the advanced structure, GTech's core banking product offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to support the digital transformation of banks.

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Why does your financial organization
need Symphony Banking?

Mobile platforms, mobile payment, e-signature, and electronic banking have become increasingly widespread in today's world, where technology is constantly developing. We are here to ensure that all these innovations and the complex demands of your customers find the right response.

The positive effects of development as well as the negative effects are at the forefront. High-profile data leaks and increased audit requirements can be given as examples of this. Symphony Banking is the key to greater transparency and compliance, which is exactly what is needed at this point.

High agility

We offer a flexible infrastructure that provides the rapid and controlled development needed for today's banking. With its parametric structure, we adopt a more agile approach to provide fast products and solutions to the market and adapt a new idea or initiative easily and quickly.

Cost efficiency

We stand out with low operation, maintenance and development costs. With Symphony Banking, we increase efficiency by reducing the unit cost of every business and technical activity or transaction. Also, we enable productivity increase by reducing employee effort through systematic processes, using automatic business rules and decision models.

Flexible infrastructure

We offer fast adaptation along with easy and fast integration with all kinds of new distribution channels. With the multi-channel service Symphony Banking, we provide customers with access to banking services through various independent channels such as branches, online banking, and mobile application. We provide flexible service to provide a seamless experience.

Maximum efficiency

We organize Symphony Banking, which meets all banking requirements with minimal impact from user errors, and its adaptive structure according to the needs of business units in such a way as to find solutions to the needs not only of today but also of the future with its low cost, easy integration, and customer-oriented features.

Fast & easy management

Symphony Banking brings speed and efficiency to financial institutions with easily managed business and approval flows. At GTech, we manage product and transaction architecture management in the most successful way and offer single-point pricing and commission management opportunities.

We take action with the awareness that data is the most valuable treasure of businesses, and we present the data quality control mechanism at every step.

An overview of
Symphony Banking's capabilities

  • The flexible infrastructure required by today's banking, which allows for fast and controlled development
  • An agile approach thanks to its parametric structure
  • The ability to deliver products and solutions to the market quickly
  • Easy and quick adaptation of a new idea or initiative
  • Fast and easy integration into new technologies, products and services
  • Easy management and workflow capability with process-based design
  • Minimised user training requirement due to minimal impact from user errors

Why Symphony Banking?

Scalable infrastructure

Rapid response to increased transactions

High availability and performance

Customer and quality oriented banking


Low licensing, operation, maintenance and development costs

Rapid adaptation

Rapid integration into new distribution channels

Creating value is up to you

Rapid adaptation

It allows you to differentiate yourself in the competitive market with its structure that can rapidly adapt to technological developments and is separated from traditional basic banking systems.

Increased profitability

Thanks to the competitive prices that will be achieved with lower costs, the bank increases its profitability by improving its market share.

Regulatory Compliance

Thanks to its use in 9 countries, it provides you with multi-language and currency support with local regulations in compliance with legislatio

Maximum efficiency with Symphony Banking under GTech consultancy

As GTech, we contribute to the leading financial institutions in Turkey in the light of our successful projects and experience.

With our 23 years of experience in the industry, our expert consultancy team implements our products, and we are with them in every area and at any time they need.

We provide competent services as one of the two companies offering Basic Banking Solution in the Turkish market and as the Symphony Banking provider of Turkey's first digital bank.
We confidently offer a parametric structure that allows banks that want to open branches in other countries to provide this service through the same infrastructure.

Experienced and competent business analyst, technical consultant, and agile project team

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A brief overview of its features

Multi-language and country support

Rapid development

Easy adaptation

XML messaging

Service-based parametric
modular structure

Multi-layered architecture

Cloud infrastructure compatibility

Drag and drop screen designs
and automatic code

Debug feature in live environment

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