Reporting and Business Intelligence

Two keys to make the right decisions:
Reporting and Business Intelligence

With GTech Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions, we analyze the data of organizations and make strategic decision-making possible by applying modern data-based decision support systems.


Discover actionable insights with GTech

Creating actionable insights and interactive reports and simplifying decision-making processes is effortless and efficient with GTech's Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions.

With our solution, we collect, process, analyze and visualize large volumes of past, present, and future data. The implementation of such critical steps is successfully achieved thanks to the end-to-end service we provide.

In addition, the required data is stored safely in the Cloud or On-prem, and uninterrupted access to various self-service analytical features can be provided regardless of manager, data scientist, analyst or consultant.

GTech difference in Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions

With 23 years of local and global project experience, we provide expert solutions for analyzing, reporting and supporting real-time data-driven decisions.

As Turkey's largest solution provider, we are the trusted business partner of more than 100 organizations in modern data-driven decision support systems.

With our expert and experienced team, we respond effectively and quickly to all data-based needs of organizations.

  • Quick analysis

    Display and analysis of many data as a whole on summary screens

  • Data display

    Presenting easy-to-understand data with strong visuals

  • Employee satisfaction

    Spend less time responding to business user requests

  • Safe forecasts

    Analyse business data to forecast the market and identify potential KPIs

Streamlining complex data from dozens of sources

Whether you work for a small company or a large organization, you stream data from various portals such as ERPs, CRMs, flat files, databases, APIs and much more. To be able to manage all these resources and to better understanding of the collected information requires competent information experience.

In this context, BI tools perform critical end-to-end steps such as collecting, processing, analyzing, and even visualizing large volumes of data that provide actionable business insights, interactive reports and simplify decision-making processes.

Also, the data you need is stored in the cloud or on-prem; managers, data scientists, analysts, or consultants can easily explore various self-service analytics features and provide uninterrupted access.

How can we help you?

  • End-to-End Business Intelligence
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Modern & Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Solutions (Cloud-BI)
  • In-Memory Analytics
  • Instant and Temporary Analysis and Reporting (Ad-Hoc Reporting)
  • Basic Performance Indicators (TPG - KPI)
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Dashboard
  • Decision Support Systems

What is our methodology in Reporting and Business Intelligence?

  • In-Memory Analytics

    It is an enterprise architecture framework solution used to improve Business Intelligence reporting by querying data from system memory (RAM). This approach significantly reduces the inquiry time to facilitate efficient business decisions.

    With the development of Business Intelligence and RAM hardware technology, the enterprise decision-making step has become easier even for small businesses. Too many Business Intelligence platforms have also become available and affordable in recent years, including in-memory analysis tools.

  • Live Analytical Reporting

    It is the presentation of Business Intelligence reporting by querying the data with a database connection. It needs a good data warehouse model to avoid any problems with performance. It offers a precise solution especially for instant or near real-time reporting needs.

  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

    OLAP tools, one of the BI technologies, enable analyzing data in multiple dimensions, especially for complex queries and calculations.

What do we promise you?

  • Following of work performance or other types of measurement
  • Supporting decision-making and strategic planning
  • Evaluation and improvement of business processes
  • Providing employees with useful information about customers, equipment, supply chain and other elements of operations
  • Identifying of trends, patterns and relationships in the data

Our specialized services

  • Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Server

  • Data Management

  • Data Culture

  • Al-Driven Data explanations

  • Server Management

  • Mobile

  • Embedded Analytics

  • GeoSpatial Analytics


  • ODV

  • Cognos

  • Business Objects

  • Power BI

  • Power BI Service

  • Power BI Embedded

  • Power BI Report Server (On – Prem)

  • Power Apps

  • Qliksense

  • Qlikview

A closer look at our services

Microsoft Power BI

It is a web-based business analytics tool package that stands out in data visualization. It allows users to identify trends in real time. Being web-based, Microsoft Power BI can be accessed from almost anywhere. It also allows users to integrate their applications, provide reports and real-time dashboards.


It is a Business Intelligence tool specializing in data discovery and data visualization. Data can be easily analyzed, visualized and shared without the need for the IT team to intervene.

Oracle BI

An enterprise technology and application portfolio for Business Intelligence. It provides users with capabilities such as a dashboard and proactive intelligence. It is perfect for companies that need to analyze large data volumes. It offers features such as data archiving, versioning, a self-service portal, and alerts notifications to its users.


It is a complete Data Analysis Platform and Business Intelligence tool. It is possible to use it from any device at any time. The user interface is optimized for the touch screen, making it a very popular BI tool.

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