Data Lake Solutions

Store & process all kinds of data seamlessly with GTech

If you need a large-scale data storage platform that can be used to store, manage, analyze, and process data from different sources, we offer tailored solutions for you.

Relational databases, one of the classical data storage methods, are designed to respond to pre-defined queries and reports. The machine learning techniques and statistical analytics methods you use to reveal the hidden value in the data will produce insights that you cannot define beforehand. These machine learning and analytical techniques require specially designed technologies to operate. It is possible to access these technologies with us!

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Why Data Lake Solutions?
Flexibility, scalability and more

The main purpose of the data lake is to store large volumes and a wide variety of data and to enable the production of value from the stored data with different analytical techniques. Withthe consultancy of GTech , you can also create a hybrid data lake by integrating several different technologies that will allow you to perform real-time and historical (batch) data analytics simultaneously.

However, a data lake eliminates the need for data modeling during data storage. When applying analytical methods, we can make a data model during data discovery and exploration. It offers a unique flexibility to ask questions and gather insights on any business or field.

GTech approach for Data Lake Solutions

With our competent staff, we are implementing all the work that you need to fulfill your data lake needs on behalf of your business.

Before the project, we evaluate the most cost-effective alternatives together with you and analyze which technologies can be combined to create the data lake platform you need and select the most suitable tools and technologies for you.

  • We offer various management features to ensure the consistency and security of your data.

  • We help you make faster decisions by accelerating your data analysis processes.

  • By combining data from different sources, we offer options for analysis processes.

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