Tiryaki Agro
Data Warehouse Project

Tiryaki Agro, the leading company in the supply chain of agricultural products,
consolidated all data of group companies in a data warehouse, enabling the
preparation of instant and fast reports for business units.

Tiryaki Agro<br>Data Warehouse Project
Tiryaki Agro<br>Data Warehouse Project

The Project:

  • Modeling and consolidation of operations and finance data in Azure Dynamics 365 in the data warehouse with DWH architecture.
  • Designing data warehouse architecture with Synapse infrastructure on Azure.
  • Modeling of consolidated group company data in Azure Analysis Service layer.
  • Designing dashboard reports for decision makers.
  • Development of operational reports for business units.


  • Ensuring visualization of data with Power BI infrastructure.
  • D 365 Providing a single source of accurate data by collecting user data outside F&O in the data warehouse.
  • Obtaining instant and fast reports for business units with operational reports and accelerating decision-making processes.
  • Moving the consolidated, consistent and fast reporting infrastructure beyond data with Power BI and establishing an up-to-date technological structure.
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