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Ensuring the principle of "single truth" within organizations is one of the most critical elements for companies.

The successful implementation of Financial Consolidation solutions to the extent that they meet all needs is related to how much the data collection process is facilitated. In short, accurate and easy collection and recording of data provides traceability and data control.

Diversifying this data and making it suitable for different reporting structures opens the doors of flexible and fast reporting convenience for companies. Working simultaneously in different scenarios and versions provides finance employees and decision-makers with an excellent output about the future. The fast and comparable results obtained in this way make it possible to be prepared for any scenario.

GTech expertise in
Financial Consolidation

As GTech, we offer the best solutions to our customers in the field of “Financial Consolidation” and “Corporate Performance” platforms with our expert staff experienced in financial processes.

As the technology business partner providing consultancy services to most of the holding and group companies, we meet the technology and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) demands, especially for engineer, financier, and auditor positions, in a near-perfect manner. We blend the best analyses in the field with our experience; and we give your business a success acceleration far beyond what you imagine.

We know your business and develop solutions in this direction

According to the GTech vision, a digital world partner should recognize and know not only the technology but also the areas where it touches with technology and produces solutions.

As GTech, we know that Financial Consolidation processes are the basic building block of the CFO's office, and we provide solutions and support without missing this detail. So, what do we do and how do we do it?

  • Easy integration

  • Multiple reporting from a single source (Legal, CMB, tax, IFRS, etc.)

  • Flexible and reliable reporting (Multi-hierarchical structure and dynamic reporting)

  • Shortening of the closing time in the light of controls

  • Reduction in inconsistent data generation and manual processes

  • Accurate data generation with in-group elimination automation, fast processes and automatic calculations

  • Easily collect and automate data from different sources

  • The power of working with multiple versions and scenarios

Our project methodology

  • Expert GTech consultant team
  • Handling consolidation in modules
  • Categorization of other processes of the company Association step
  • Combining all modules
  • Combining all modules
  • Creating financial statements, reports and dashboards
  • Defining Different Group Hierarchies
  • IFRS & Managerial Scope
  • Segment Reporting
  • Different Scenario Versions
  • Actuals
  • Budget-Projection
  • What-if Analysis
  • Master Data Updates
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Adding a Company
  • Other Breakdowns


The contributions provided by Financial Consolidation products mainly consist of a combination of data collection, calculation, correction, and reporting steps.

It also adds flexibility to the entire process, compatibility with different products, and calculations that work on a single correct principle. Reliable, diversified, and visually rich reporting meets the needs of organizations to the maximum extent.

Perfect Financial Consolidation with Oracle

We are carrying out the digital transformation of Financial Consolidation processes with Oracle, whose consultancy we have been undertaking for many years.

  • Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Service

    Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Service

    Calculate the collected data accurately and reliably and report it with dashboard presentations.

    It enables the collection of information from different data sources throughout the organization. Moreover, it makes it possible to do this by using managed services without spending time and resources on server maintenance and management.

    The collected data are calculated accurately and reliably and reported through dashboard presentations.

  • Hyperion Financial Management

    Hyperion Financial Management

    Oracle Hyperion Financial Management sets up financial consolidation processes, performs automatic exchange rate conversion and calculations, and allows a wide variety of data entry methods with security and authorizations. 

    In addition, it prevents time losses by enabling flexible and fast reporting.

The value created by the Financial Consolidation with GTech

  • Ensuring process optimization
  • Having more time for analysis and decision-making processes and ease of strategic decision-making based on real data
  • Ensuring process automation in data collection
  • Saving time and avoiding errors thanks to centralized and automated processes
  • Easy execution of analyses by business units
  • Providing the management report set quickly and automatically and forwarding it to the people
  • Ensuring data security
  • Establishing versioning, approval authorization, and control mechanisms and facilitating their follow-up
  • Flexible, accurate, and fast reporting convenience and creation of customized dashboards

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