EyeQube Retail

A retail-specific member
of the Big Data family

EyeQube Retail, a member of the GTech Big Data product family, is a platform developed by applying up-to-date data analytics techniques specific to the retail sector. It has a software component supported by user-friendly interfaces positioned around analytical methods.

Based on the past sales data of the products, it determines the possible product demand amount that may be encountered in the future with up-to-date artificial intelligence methods and approaches; and with low error rates.

It produces outputs that help to make decisions about product supply by considering the stock status of the product item.

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EyeQube Retail, The choice of professionals

EyeQube Retail improves the decision-making process of supply chain planners and professionals, allowing them to get to know their products better and be able to plan in the light of forecasts. Along with the different perspectives about the forecasting infrastructure, needs such as reducing lost sales, customer refunds, and security stocks are also solved with practical steps.

EyeQube Retail, which plays an active role in all operations, such as demand forecasting, inventory management, production, and supply, aims to meet the needs of the retail sector with its company-based customizable structure.

A glance at the benefits

With the distinction of
GTech, EyeQube Retail

Detailed product sales forecasting

It makes demand forecasts for the desired period by taking into account factors such as holidays and seasons.

Inventory management after forecasting

In order to meet demand and minimize total inventory costs, it performs inventory optimization with the help of various KPIs (safety stock, transportation time, etc.).

Deciding on the order quantity

In addition to the inventory optimization mechanism based on demand forecasting, it allows the processing of a rule mechanism specific to companies. However, it instantly answers the question of how many products are needed for any store or product.

Providing foresight to production

It allows for estimating and planning the production needs of manufacturing companies.

Problem-specific configuration

In forecasting-based problems, it includes both various optimization constructs and the ability to adjust KPIs to meet the requirements.

Advanced analytics with machine learning

With the infrastructure strengthened with different algorithms, it automatically selects the best method for the specific problem.

EyeQube Retail with the
difference of GTech

With the experience we have accumulated over the years in data science, we add value to the processes of the retail industry with data; we make today's smart decisions by making use of yesterday's data.

We empower retail companies by realizing that the decision a business makes today is the dominant force in shaping the future.

We expertly integrate the information obtained through every layer, area, and meaning of data into the retail industry, and we provide extensive field experience.

What does the retail
industry need?

Regardless of the industry, the change brought by technology and digitalization has profoundly affected the structure of all organizations. When differentiated consumer behaviors are added to it, an irrepressible wind of change has blown in recent years.

Companies serving in the retail industry should be prepared for every condition in line with the needs of their customers and acquire fast action skills in order not to be left behind and not be harmed by the competitive race. Eyeqube Retail, developed to provide exactly this, ensures that future forecasts are consistent across stores, categories, product groups, and bases. In this way, the customer satisfaction is carried to the top.

With the help of data analysis, modeling, output transformation, and finally, visualization steps, the retail industry is ready for tomorrow and is leading the competition.



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