An innovative approach to data science: Cloudera

The data platform needs of organizations have become inevitable in the last decade with the size and diversity of the areas in which they operate. Cloudera provides practical and reliable data processing and cloud-based solutions to these needs as one of the enterprise deployments of Hadoop; it provides its products and solutions through machine learning data analytics.

Provides enterprise data management systems to businesses in an accurate and reliable manner. Cloud services can be provided via both public cloud servers and private servers. The data platform, implemented with the combination of Data Engineering, Data Science, and Big Data Environment Manager expertise, brings storage and effective management processes together with users in a single center.

  • Accelerated
  • Increased time to value
  • Informed decisions
  • Real-time insights
  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud
  • Multi-functional analytics
  • Secure and manageable end-to-end platform
  • Open Platform

Add value to Cloudera products
and solutions with GTech

Cloudera continues to be a technology company that adds value to organizations' data analysis operations and data. When this value is combined with our long years of experience in the data field and our expert staff who have established dozens of Cloudera environments of various sizes, which are home to the best in the field, and have ensured their integration and security, both high-quality products and solutions and an excellent after-sales support process emerge.

We analyze the data-related needs of your business in the most accurate way and support it with products and solutions in this direction with the knowledge and deep field experience we have gained through every layer, every field, and every meaning of data.


Our experts analyze the usage scenarios that the organization wants to include on the data platform.

Solution proposal

The data platform (Hadoop, NoSQL) is selected by taking intoaccount the scenario, the amount of data required for its implementation, the forecast of increase over the years, and the environment costs, and it is presented supported by architectural drawings.


The detailed solution proposal is evaluated by our customers and taken into consideration together with possible revisions.

Installation and configuration

The accepted relevant platform is installed with the resources used in the solution proposal.

Discover the power of freely moving data with GTech

Data is of no use to you unless it is in the right place, and a place is not always the right one. It is important that you make an effort to bring your customers together in the right place and with the right data.

Cloudera, under the consultancy of GTech, supports your business at this point, allowing your data to move freely in the cloud environment without cost and the burdens of reorganization.

Machine learning

Data visualization

Operational database

Use hybrid and multi-cloud
data warehouse service

By combining the forces of GTech consultancy and Cloudera expertise, we are eliminating concerns about speed, cost, and security and making big data analytics more accessible and simplified for thousands of users. In this way, we offer a smooth and impressive experience in all use cases With Cloudera,

which includes all the Hadoop ecosystem components needed to store, process, discover, model, and present data that is large in quality and quantity, we add value to your business.

High performance, low cost, flexible
and easy to use

If you are looking for data solutions that will not increase your cost and will not compromise on performance, Cloudera is the right option that can save you from this search. This structure, which carries out reliability and high accessibility features in accordance with corporate standards, will be your ideal address for a smooth journey in the data world.

We provide on-premise services for banking and telecommunication companies subject to various laws regarding the storage or processing of data in the cloud and cloud-based services for insurance, e-commerce, retail and manufacturing sectors that are not affected by these regulations.

With the appropriate strategy, the right solution provider, and expert technology consultancy, you can have unlimited access to all the data and provide its analysis. Remember, data is an advantage.

Whose processes does Cloudera add value?

  • Production
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications

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