Wiseboard Insurance

Minimise your cost during project implementation and development: Wiseboard Insurance

Reduce costs while minimizing project implementation and development time with Wiseboard Insurance, a plug-and-play data warehouse model and ETL solution. With GTech experience, start benefiting from the latest analytical insurance solution immediately and make the right decision in real-time with instant KPI tracking.

Wiseboard Insurance:
Discover the advantages

Wiseboard Insurance,  which enables basic KPIs and performance monitoring in the insurance industry to be carried out instantly on mobile devices, offers easy access to reports and detailed information on dashboards.

Well, what's more? Check out the advantages:

  • Insurance-specific data warehouse model (3NF),

  • Multi-layered data model (ODS, Foundation, Datamart, Derived Layers),

  • Ready-to-use ETL infrastructure and mappings/packages,

  • Plug-and-play model,

  • Ready-to-use reports,

  • Installation in short periods of 2 to 4 months,

  • 80% cost savings,

  • Easy integration with different insurance applications,

  • Receiving data from different applications with staging/landing zone,

  • Datamarts specific to the subject (production, damage, coverage, collection, reinsurance, etc.).

Why Wiseboard Insurance for the insurance sector?

Wiseboard Insurance, which helps to maximize the revenues of the company while increasing satisfaction with insurance products customized according to the needs of its customers, is the first choice of companies providing services in the insurance sector with high-quality risk management.

In addition to all these, there are 11 subject headings (domains) created at the datamart layer in the DWH infrastructure that comes ready-made in the Wiseboard Insurance product;

Policy / Claim Payment / Claim Outstanding / Earned Policy / Collection / Accounting / Policy Transactions / Claim Transactions / Policy Reinsurance / Claim Payment Reinsurance / Claim Outstanding Reinsurance

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