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Applying intelligence, logic, and science in favor of the business world, IBM and its solutions improve and develop the processes of organizations with our consultancy and support. Our solution-oriented approach, blended with our 23 years of experience, expertly reflects the IBM products and solutions you need for your organization.

With our expert staff in the field, we do the necessary work for your data lake needs on your behalf, and we evaluate the most cost-effective alternatives together with you. We analyze the data lake platform you need, which technologies should come together, and choose the most suitable tools and technologies for you.

Let the right data find the right customers: IBM Cloud Pak for Data

You may have the right data, but if you haven't managed to connect this data with the right customers, the data doesn't matter at all. Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D), the leading role of establishing the right time-customer-data triangle, improves the use of data for better decisions.

Cloud Pak for Data is a unified platform that allows data on-premises or in the cloud to be connected and made accessible to each other without moving. It's up to it to automate and transform the combined data into actionable information for users.

Cloud Pak for Data is designed to meet all data processing and analytical needs, from data collection to storage, from analysis to real-time decision-making. In order to meet these needs, it utilizes a Kubernetes Container Orchestration-based kernel environment built on the OpenShift architecture.

One platform, multiple advantages

Confidential and secure data

The common principle of confidentiality and accessibility for all data

Powerful data users

All users have access to trusted data

Faster insights

Modern and high performance cloud data warehouse

Artificial intelligence and
machine learning

The infallibility of artificial intelligence is reflected in the data

The power of automation

Cost-saving task automation

Cost-saving task automation

Data virtualization and integrated data

Data science

Support of different data scientists


Dashboard, reports and visualizations


In today's world, the most valuable treasure of organizations is their data. Organizations have the most successful outcomes with the predictions they have obtained in the light of these data. In short, generating value from data is the number one rule for achieving goals. However, positive outcomes are made possible only by the fact that the relevant data are reliable and accessible. Cloud Pak for Data comes into play here, allowing you to connect to, manage and analyze data.

It provides a systematic structure for all data users to work together, such as a data engineer and a data scientist. Users spend less time searching for data with modern tools that facilitate analytics and remove the barriers standing in front of collaboration. Thus, it also paves the way for them to use their data efficiently.

Cloud Pak for Data
expertise with GTech

Our 23 years of experience in the field of data have  shown us that the most important factor that shapes both the present and the future of an organization is the advantage of using the right information in the right place.

With the Cloud Pak for Data offered by IBM, we support businesses in making sense of customer data and transforming it into useful information; we provide superior consultancy whenever they need it.

Overview of Cloud Pak for Data usage scenarios

Cloud Pak for Data offers the service you need within the framework of your business needs.

Overview of <span>Cloud Pak for Data</span> usage scenarios

Directing the data correctly

Data access, quality, centralization, and management; in other words, "all data-related challenges are becoming a history with the support of artificial intelligence." The approach of "directing the data right is everything" paves the way for this situation.

Overview of <span>Cloud Pak for Data</span> usage scenarios

Customer experience

Take advantage of the superior impact of artificial intelligence to carry out a positive, meaningful, and excellent dialogue-based process with your customers; take the customer experience to the top.

Overview of <span>Cloud Pak for Data</span> usage scenarios

Business analytics

Visualize and analyze corporate data to identify boundaries and needs, explore opportunities, and make informed and insightful decisions.

How do we approach Cloud Pak for Data?

As one of the most authorized business partners in IBM products and solutions, we explain, install and deploy Cloud Pak for Data solutions for you with our expert staff with IBM-approved certificates.

Our experts focus on CP4D-related best practice and design solutions by working closely with you to understand your data management needs. The technical support you need in order for you to fully use the capabilities of the CP4D platform that you will use for the solutions we have designed and to get a return on your investments is also provided by our team.

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