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The effective way of accurate and fast budgeting in HR planning: Cubeview HR

As in every department, human resources have undergone major changes in recent years. The large amount of time and labor that the human resources office devotes to operational processes such as payroll and budget planning can be used more efficiently. How? By spending time on concepts such as employer brand and employee loyalty, which we have started to hear frequently in recent years.

With Cubeview HR, the time spent by human resources personnel on steps such as payroll and budgeting is reduced, and the margin of error is reduced to zero. In short, Cubeview HR is the way to be a future-ready, digital business that values its employees.

What does Human Resources contribute to your office?

Would you like your Human Resources team to make their work easier and increase their performance to the highest level by easily preparing all HR strategies on a single platform while dealing with dozens of financial planning? If your answer is yes, Cubeview HR is the right solution for you.

Budget and actual comparison reports requested by management from HR are prepared quickly and flexibly, personnel expenses are integrated with payroll systems and transparency, and logging is provided in data security, version, authorization, and audit.

Human resources planning data is consolidated and standardized in a single center; personnel shortage and surplus situations are foreseen in advance, and financial losses and labor shortages are prevented.

Personnel costs can be estimated specifically for departments through actual payroll systems, all HR requirements are budgeted, and all possible scenarios are prepared.

What do human resources need?

There are certain legal parameter definitions valid in Turkey. These can be listed as tax, social insurance premium rate, social insurance maximum and base wage and minimum wage definitions.

In addition, there are cost items that need to be calculated and reported each month. They can be listed as follows :

  • Fee

  • Social and health insurances

  • Annual and monthly premiums

  • Personal accident

  • Travel and food expenses

  • General holiday payouts

  • Personnel service

  • Third-party consultancy firms

So, what do we promise?

With the GTech Difference
Cubeview HR

Cubeview HR meets the needs of transferring and reporting personnel data to the system using Excel or an automation tool.

The department's personnel, recruitment, gross wages, and expenses are integrated with the payroll.

The number of people can be reduced or increased by certain percentages.

Definition is made according to the month of recruitment of the personnel.

Cost calculation is made by defining the store opening-closing date in the system.

The fees are calculated as gross and net.

The promotion definition is made for the month in which the promotion will be realized on the personnel.

Different salary increase rates are entered on the basis of personnel record, title, company, department, division, and brand.

All additional incomes such as premiums, travel, meals, and health insurance are defined on the basis of person, department, and cost center.

Actual and comparative company and department performance reports are created and sent automatically and with fast information transfer from different data sources.

All units provide and analyze their financial performance in a fast and timely manne

Our project methodology
for Cubeview HR

  • Our expert GTech consultants inspect HR payroll planning processes as separate modules.

  • They categorize, classify, and relate different processes of companies in light of the experience gained over the years.

In the Cubeview HR Product
Budgeting Process

In the Cubeview HR Product<br> <span>Budgeting Process</span>

Platforms we use

We are implementing Cubeview HR, which offers a successful HR payroll planning and forecasting digital transformation process with the help of Oracle.

  • Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

    Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

    Implementing accurate and connected plans throughout the business ensures to be prepared for the next step. With the scenario modeling feature, uncertainty is overcome, and the best practices and predictive intelligence based on finance, line of business, and operations are used.

  • Hyperion Financial Planning

    Hyperion Financial Planning

    Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and increases business predictability.

The companies we create value with Cubeview HR

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