Symphony Lending

Consumer finance solution from GTech:
Symphony Lending

In addition to all main banking requirements, consumer financing transactions are now at a brand new stage with the Symphony Lending solution, which responds to the needs of the new generation of banking and can be operated in the cloud.

Symphony Lending, which meets all the needs of consumer finance companies, works in integration with all third party platforms and systems.

You can experience the Symphony Lending solution, which enables the business unit to design the processes with user training completed in a minimum time, with GTech difference.

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The most reliable technology of the market meets with GTech

Symphony Lending, the most secure and compatible infrastructure and technology platform in the market, where transactions such as standardization, automation, and renewal of financial service workflows take place, meets all technical needs on a single platform.

While Symphony Lending provides fast and controlled development and automated status updates with its flexible infrastructure, it offers easy use with its fast digital application process and mobile interface. Our product guarantees savings with its integration with sales points and low license maintenance and development costs in order to offer the best offer to the consumer.

Consumer financing solution
Symphony Lending: Advantages

  • Flexible infrastructure

    Flexible infrastructure enables rapid and controlled development and automated status updates for financial institutions that want to offer customized credit solutions to their customers.

  • Quick digital application

    It offers an end-to-end fast digital application process and mobile interface that allows financial institutions to process loan applications faster and more efficiently.

  • Low cost

    In addition to low licensing, operational, maintenance, and development fees, the solution reduces the cost of activities related to traditional methods such as solution operation processing, personnel, and risk management.

  • Easy integration

    The solution, which allows integration with sales points in order to offer the best offer to the consumer, also allows organizations to easily integrate the credit platform into their business models.

Why Symphony Lending
for the consumer finance industry?

The "Business/Approval Flow Management" tool is designed to be "business" orientated and does not require IT intervention.

    • Unlimited business steps,
    • Rule-based and business-oriented architecture,
    • Ability to monitor the flow status and future business steps in real time,
    • User-friendly screens where users can see every detail of the transaction.

Each product is integrated with a central pricing and commission module.

    • Commission structure with more than 20 parameters
    • Separate pricing options at each level,
    • Different pricing conditions,
    • Flexible accounting definitions,
    • Accrual based on IRR,
    • Automatic reverse mechanism.

All products and processes are based on a single product and process architecture and are supported by more than 100 parameters.

    • Time and approval control,
    • Accounting and amount control,
    • Reverse accounting,
    • Mobile approval flag and mobile calendar,
    • Statistical codes,
    • Mail and notification settings,
    • Special logging,
    • Transaction cross control.

It uses the same components for each screen for a unique user experience,

    • Drag & drop screen design,
    • Automated code generation,
    • Built-in display components,
    • Reusable zones and panels,
    • Various screen sizes,
    • Ability to easily switch between screens.

Immediate and precise detection and intervention; offers DEBUG opportunity in the production environment.

    • Getting the reference number,
    • Performing DEBGUG operation on the prod,
    • Code exchange to complete the operation,
    • Performing the system rollback operation,
    • Completing dev-TEST-PROD deploy operations.

All batch operations are developed on the same powerful software architecture.

    • Job identification & grouping,
    • Identifying dependencies,
    • Identifying working rules,
    • Sending alert messages,
    • Pause and resume mechanisms,
    • Parallelization and serialization,
    • Parameter sharing,
    • Various types of "batch job",
    • Symphony Banking batches,
    • Stored procedures, ScriptShells,
    • File transfers.

With its advanced infrastructure, it provides a predictable and controllable experience throughout the software development cycle.

    • A true service-oriented architecture,
    • Different logic options at customer and data layers,
    • Ability to perform tests with IP-based date (including batch programs),
    • A powerful versioning for every environment,
    • Powerful configuration management.

It offers full bank integrations in a flexible, fast and secure way.

    • Credit allocation,
    • Ability to make refund and collection,
    • Possibility of integration with more than one bank.

GTech advantages with
Symphony Lending solution

Within the scope of our consultancy service, we examine your needs and financial situations and offer the most suitable financial leasing option to your organization. In addition, we advise and provide information on the use and management of financial instruments.

As GTech, we help you to become more competitive in the market by enabling you to do your operational activities easier and faster while supporting you to generate value from your data. In addition, our GTech Financial Services team develops products that guide technology while providing suggestions that are appropriate to your needs with its deep field experience.

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