Oracle difference with the most competent partner

We provide consultancy to all your Oracle processes from A to Z, with our expert team having the most competent Oracle certificate in Turkey and thus we ensure efficiency and cost saving. All you need to do to reflect Oracle technologies to your business with 23 years of experience is to get help from the professional GTech team.

Take advantage of your business with Oracle

Oracle provides leading organizations with a powerful, reliable and high-performance relational database management system.

Take a closer look at the Oracle advantages:

  • Scaling

    Oracle can process large amounts of data and supports high levels of parallelism, making it suitable for use in large enterprise environments.

  • High availability

    Provides various mechanisms such as data replication, online backup and automatic failover.

  • Security

    Offers robust security features such as encryption, access controls and auditing, and is intended to protect sensitive data.

  • Performance

    It is especially known for its fast performance for complex queries and large data sets.

  • Data storage

    Oracle OLAP offers various features and tools for data storage and business science, such as Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Data Integrator.

  • Multi-platform compatibility

    It can work on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS and is integrated with various programming languages.

Oracle solutions + GTech

As GTech, we offer consultancy services with our team specialized in Oracle products, including Oracle Database.

Take a look at our expertise in Oracle Database:

  • Application and customization

    At GTech, we have a team of certified Oracle experts with extensive experience in implementing and customizing Oracle Database for various industries and business requirements.

  • Performance tuning

    We provide performance tuning services to help organizations optimize the performance of Oracle Database systems by identifying and solving problems that may affect performance.

  • Data migration

    We also provide data migration services to help organizations move data from their existing systems to an Oracle Database, making a smooth and efficient migration possible.

  • Disaster recovery

    We provide disaster recovery planning and implementation services to help organizations protect their data and ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

  • Support and maintenance

    We ensure that organizations are always up-to-date and working efficiently by providing ongoing support and maintenance services to help them manage and maintain Oracle Database systems.

  • Cloud services

    At GTech, we also offer Oracle Cloud Database services that provide organizations with a scalable, secure and cost-effective solution for their database needs.

  • High security

    We provide high security with different software and products to protect all kinds of data of institutions and organizations and prevent unauthorized access to data.

  • Training facility

    We provide training with our experts to the organization's staff to help them use and manage Oracle Database systems effectively.

GTech approach to Oracle solutions

Agile methodology

We follow an agile methodology to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget while meeting customer requirements.

Best Practices

We take advantage of the best practices in the market and industry standards to provide high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Rapid deployment

We have a rapid deployment approach to implement and customize the Oracle database to minimize the time it takes for our customers to start using the new system.

Cloud-first approach

With the cloud approach, we enable our customers to benefit from the scalability, security and cost-effectiveness of the cloud by taking advantage of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other cloud platforms.


We use automation to simplify processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, as well as enable customers to conduct their business more efficiently.

Continuous improvement

At GTech, we adopt continuous improvement, which enables the solutions we provide to evolve and adapt to changing business needs over time.


We adopt a collaborative approach. Thus, we easily understand the unique needs and goals of our customers and develop solutions that meet these needs.

Major sectors rising with Oracle

  • Health
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Public
  • Service

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