Wiseboard Retail

Instant KPI and real-time analyses:
Wiseboard Retail - The new generation
retail software

With Wiseboard Retail, a retail software supported by the latest technology and designed to provide the best experience to customers, provide instant KPI monitoring of the management team and benefit from real-time decision making.
With the retail-specific structure of the solution that offers advanced tools for data analytics and business intelligence, you can instantly access store inventory and meet customer and business needs with a flexible and customizable software.

Wiseboard Retail:
discover the advantages

Wiseboard Retail, a cloud-based retail software, offers the following advantages to its users in addition to its structure , which eliminates the need to invest in hardware:

  • Fast implementation option,
  • Compatibility with ad-hoc and self-service solutions,
  • Automatic anomaly and data control structure,
  • Support the maintenance of data consistency,
  • Comprehensive data model,
  • Tracking sectoral trends and useful KPIs,
  • Providing ready-made analysis solutions,
  • Visualizing processes with more than 10 topics,
  • Tracking of processes based on objective
    values with 200+ TPG (KPI),
  • Creating an automatic decision-making mechanism.

Why Wiseboard Retail for Retail?

Wiseboard Retail is a retail management software with comprehensive features to meet all the needs of retail businesses. Store management, inventory management, sales management, customer management, financial management, and many other features can be used to increase the efficiency of businesses and manage business processes.

So, what makes Wiseboard Retail so "special"? Take a look:

  • Retail-specific data warehouse model (3NF),
  • Integration with different applications with the "staging/landing zone" method,
  • Multi-layer data architecture (STG, Foundation, Datamart, Derived Layers),
  • The intermediate layer (conformed zone) where atomic and all historical data can be stored and reported,
  • Ability to use structural and non-structural systems as resources,
  • Mapping/package editing with ready-made ETL infrastructure,
  • Plug & Play capability,
  • Cost savings of 80%.

In addition, there are 11 headings (domains) created at the Datamart Layer with the DWH infrastructure that comes ready-made at Wiseboard Retail:

Sales / Stock / Supply / Store / Order / Invoice / Payment / Shipment / Stock Aging / Stock Status / Stock Transaction

These topics can be visualized and analyzed with a total of 100+ KPIs, with 9+ dashboards, 50+ analytical and operational reports, and 25+ dimension-based reporting options.

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