Oracle Cloud

Speed, security and cost savings combined

There is an effortless way to ease all workloads: Oracle Cloud. Thanks to GTech's experienced consultancy services, cloud technology takes an active role in your entire IT system and supports you in every step you need to take to achieve success.

Oracle Cloud stands out as a whole of many cloud-based services provided by Oracle Corporation, which are used to serve different purposes.

A superior cloud experience regardless of the application

When it comes to Oracle, it is best for your business to consult an expert. As the most competent Oracle-certified technology company in Turkey, we offer impressive solutions for all your needs related to Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud is the first public cloud available for all applications, allowing you to accelerate your workload migration and improve your performance.

An Oracle Cloud sky full of endless advantages

Easy migration to the cloud

Thanks to GTech's expert consultancy, you can achieve a complex and risk-free, high-performance migration experience and top performance with Oracle Cloud. This technology is equipped with cloud technology that will surround all the needs of organizations.

Flexible and scalable

With a unique combination of engineering and system design, cloud-based applications can be customized for any situation and businesses can have a personalized structure specific to their organization. It also has a design that can work better with enterprise applications.

Automatic protection

Applications are automatically protected and scaled. This optimizes application performance and security. Optimization reduces the risk of human error and prevents potential security vulnerabilities. Uninterrupted safety and performance are ensured.

Effective and uninterrupted support

Oracle Cloud breathes new life into support for hybrid cloud strategies and removes boundaries with various positioning options. Commands from the data center activate the entire cloud. It has a modern and convenient structural design.


It includes many security features such as encryption, identity and access management, and network security, thereby fulfilling the purpose of protecting sensitive data and applications. It is built on a global network of data centers and uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Oracle Cloud can be easily integrated with existing local systems and other cloud-based services, allowing for the creation of a hybrid cloud environment. It works with high performance with the help of other cloud-based applications that it easily integrates.

Why Oracle Cloud?

Machine learning

Risk-free steps free from possible human errors

Uninterrupted network chance

Cloud networks designed to be compatible with on-premises networks

Flexible infrastructure

Compatible infrastructure that does not require re-software

Private security

A trust approach that protects the system against all threats

Detection and Rectification

Continuous scanning and correction of violations and suspicions

Cost savings

Security measures without additional costs

Data protection

Information protection without any shutdown time


Simplification of business applications and complex workload

Automatic management

Self-managed operating system

Oracle Cloud services we offer

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Application and Migration 

  • Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP) Application and Integration

  • Oracle Cloud Software (OCS) Application and Customization

  • Oracle Cloud Managed Services

  • Oracle Cloud Security and Governance

  • Oracle Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Oracle Cloud Cost Management

  • Oracle Cloud Application Development and Integration

GTech methodologies for
Oracle Cloud

  • Agile Methodology

    GTech uses the Agile approach to deliver Oracle Cloud projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. This methodology emphasizes flexibility, teamwork and customer collaboration.

  • Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF):

    GTech performs migration and integration of organizations' loads to Oracle Cloud using the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). This framework provides structured approaches such as evaluation, design, migration and optimization.

  • DevOps Methodology

    Using DevOps methodologies, GTech increases collaboration and automation throughout the entire software development lifecycle. This approach takes the speed and reliability of Oracle Cloud distributions to the next level.

  • ITIL Framework

    GTech follows ITIL's best practices for service management and incident management. This approach ensures that our customer's Oracle Cloud environment is always optimized and secure.

An effective architecture for Oracle Cloud


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI),
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic (OCIC)


Object, block,
file storage


Virtual Cloud Network (VCN),
Load Balancer, VPN


Autonomous database, Oracle database, MySQL database

Backup and Recovery

Security measures without additional costs

Identity and Access Management


Monitoring and Management

Our products and services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, application and migration

GTech enables organizations to implement and migrate their workloads to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This service includes the evaluation, design, transition and optimization steps.

Oracle Cloud Platform, application and integration

GTech helps organizations implement and integrate Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP) services such as Oracle Self-Managed Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Computing and Object Storage.

Oracle Cloud Software, application and customization

GTech helps organizations implement and customize Oracle Cloud Software (OCS) services such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle SCM Cloud.

Oracle Cloud managed services

GTech provides monitoring, maintenance, management and managed services of the customer's Oracle Cloud environment.

Oracle Cloud security and audit

GTech provides governance services for Oracle Cloud that include security assessments, security controls, and compliance management.

Oracle Cloud backup and disaster recovery

GTech provides services including backup and recovery strategies, disaster recovery planning and testing for Oracle Cloud.


We teach what we know best: Oracle Cloud training

We offer training and certification programs to develop the skills necessary to manage and optimize Oracle Cloud solutions.

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