Magic Reports Insurance

Data auditing and SBM integration from a single platform with Magic Reports Insurance

Magic Reports Insurance is a comprehensive solution for the insurance industry that collects and controls legal reporting data in a single platform. The integration of SBM (Insurance Information and Monitoring Centre), which is the data control and monitoring institution of the insurance industry, is automatically performed by Magic Reports Insurance, which provides great convenience to businesses.

What will you gain with GTech?

The fact that SBM, which is the supervision center of insurance companies, works with one hundred percent harmony and integration with the conditions gives it the feature of being an enterprise that provides all standards and regulations for insurance companies.

With the benefits of GTech's 23 years of experience in the field of data science, the reports of your business operating in the field of insurance reach the authorized institution accurately, on time, and with minimal risk of errors.

Why Magic Reports Insurance?

We have experienced and qualified business analysis, technical analysis, and software consultant teams in the field of official reporting. We offer innovative and special software solutions in the light of current technologies; automate the reporting process of enterprises operating in the insurance industry and increase both speed and efficiency in this way.

Thanks to its flexible infrastructure, we provide the opportunity to integrate with different systems, especially with SBM, the supervisory agency of the insurance industry. We reduce the risk of errors to zero with the automatic data control and warning mechanism.

Overview of Magic Reports Insurance Features

Ready-to-use data model

It is independent from the source system and has an easily extensible structure. Thanks to the data set suitable for insurance products and services, it ensures that reports are prepared from a single source.

Data entry and versioning

It allows the calculated values to be corrected on the screen and status reports to be queried. It makes it possible to respond retrospectively, effectively, and quickly to internal audits, inspections, independent audits and auditor questions.

Data mapping and parametric structure

It provides fast and effective management of parameter changes thanks to report and column mappings and a generic web service interface.


It automates all cross-checks available on Excel and enables error/warning mechanisms and editing screens to be activated in case of incompatibility.

Approval mechanism

End-to-end monitoring of the process is ensured by fulfilling the logging, secure transaction structure, authorization, and approval mechanism features of all transactions.

Reminder and automation

The manually managed data transmission method is automated via web services. In addition, the margin of error is minimized by moving the operations that are carried out manually under normal conditions to the system.

Web service integration

With its infrastructure supporting SBM-defined services, it becomes possible to log, track and resend errors caused by web services during automatic data transmission.

Reporting and versioning

It makes it possible to store the changed data by versioning. Dashboards for instant tracking provide easy management by transferring data to Excel format and displaying more than one hundred reports.

Add value to your business with Magic Reports Insurance

Flexible solution

Fast and effective solution to changing and evolving reporting needs

Minimum error

Authorization and approval mechanism, secure transaction structure and automated structure

Efficiency increase

Increase work efficiency with the automation of manual operations

Ready-made reports

Easy and fast access to reports for retrospective or any desired period

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