The Vehicle Purchase Prediction Project

With the Vehicle Purchase Prediction Model Project, Toyota created personalized
audiences based on data and increased campaign conversion rates by 71%.

Toyota, <br>The Vehicle Purchase Prediction Project
Toyota, <br>The Vehicle Purchase Prediction Project

The project:

  • By analyzing customer transactions, key variables and vulnerabilities that impact vehicle purchase decisions were identified, and insights were gained.
  • The model was developed by examining local data from all channels and using specific daily and calendar information.
  • The predictive model developed with machine learning algorithms was used to estimate customers’ likelihood of purchasing a vehicle in the next month.
  • The developed model was automated, and a system was created to renew the model training and estimation process in the specified period and record the current results.


  • Creating a decision support system for marketing activities with the knowledge gained.
  • Reduction of advertising and labor costs.
  • Minimizing the risk of operator errors in the mechanical structure.
  • Prioritizing campaign actions using vehicle purchase estimates from customers and applying personalization during campaign times.
  • Increase campaign yields to target audiences based on vehicle purchase estimates.
  • Spreading data-based decision-making and an analytical culture within the company.
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