Offload your data from databases to Hadoop/Cloud and access them without rewriting any code.

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Why Gluent?
What We Offer – Gluent Data Virtualization Tools & Software

Data Transparency

Simplify enterprise data sharing with transparent data virtualization.

Offload / Archive

Ongoing synchronization with no ETL.

Cloud Migration

Migrate to the cloud without the hassle — faster and easier.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your existing relational database with IoT data. No ETL necessary.

Data Virtualization

We believe that data virtualization should be transparent. Companies should not spend millions of dollars and hundreds of hours rewriting applications to support modern architectures. It should be simple, economical, and transparent.

Liberate your data from the confines of proprietary data silos into new distributed computing platforms without the need for any ETL through GDP (Gluent Data Platform). Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Gluent manages data movement from multiple traditional data sources to multiple target systems.

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Gluent Advisor

Analyze your data and identify the candidate data for migration with the program that you can use free of charge.

Candidate Advisor Data

This section examines the Candidate Data and indicates how much of it is actually offloadable, based on various criteria. The section in green indicates the amount of data that can be safely offloaded and dropped from the database and the orange indicates what should stay in the host database.

Table Classification Summary

The Table Classification Summary breaks down the tables scanned within the target database and classifies their ability to be offloaded.

Tables are Classified as Follows:

Each breakdown provides an accounting of the storage that can be offloaded or that should be retained in the host database.

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