Setur Marinas,
Hyperion PBCS Cloud Budget Project

SETUR MARINAS, manages centralized and automatized budget
data in the Cloud without the need for IT support.

Setur Marinas, <br>Hyperion PBCS Cloud Budget Project
Setur Marinas, <br>Hyperion PBCS Cloud Budget Project

The Project:

  • Planning was done to eliminate the simulation and versioning challenges experienced in the budget planning processes.
  • A structure was established to ensure smooth interdepartmental coordination and audit processes.
  • Approval and security processes were organized.
  • Within the context of the Budget Project, Parametric Income, Zero-Base Expenses, Investment, Financing, Credit, Profit and Loss Account Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet processes were digitized on the Oracle EPBCS platform.
  • Process management and report sharing were provided to be automatized.


  • Management of planning processes in a centralized structure with accurate data.
  • Instantaneous implementation of new processes and providing saving of time with ease of simulation.
  • Rapid fulfillment of all reporting needs without IT support.
  • With the process monitoring, and with the audit mechanism in the approval processes, providing decision-making processes with the right data.
  • Ease of use with standard and customizable interfaces.
  • Instantaneous follow-up in processes by providing integration with operational systems.
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