What Is Symphony Banking?

What Is Symphony Banking?
26 Nov 2020

Symphony Banking is an end-to-end banking application that meets all your banking needs and has the ability to easily integrate with its accurately constructed architectural infrastructure. Symphony Banking has a structure that is minimally affected by user errors and can be adapted to the needs of business units.

What are the Features of Symphony Banking Application?

  • Multi-Language Support: Symphony Banking has many language options, offering Arabic and Cyrillic alphabet support as well as Latin alphabet.
  • Infrastructure Compatibility: Symphony Banking works well with cloud infrastructures.
  • Service-Based, Parametric Modular Structure: With parametric infrastructure, Symphony Banking enables products, solutions, new ideas or initiatives to be adapted and presented to the market more easily and quickly.
  • Drag-Drop Screen Designs: It has a user-friendly interface, drag-drop feature and can be used easily.
  • Ease of Flow: With process-based design, it provides easy management of business and approval flow processes.
  • Continuous Data Control: Symphony Banking has a data quality control mechanism that works in every step of the business processes.
  • Minimum User Error: It minimizes the errors caused by the users.

What are the Benefits of Symphony Banking Core Banking Application?

  • With its structure that can adapt to technological developments in the fastest way and differentiates from traditional banking systems, it enables its customers to stand out in the competitive market.
  • It allows lower pricing by reducing costs and thus increases the market share of the bank and positively affects profitability.
  • Symphony Banking used in 9 countries along with Turkey, comes with support for multiple languages and currencies that are compliant to local regulation and legislation.
  • By offering different perspectives in areas such as customers, products and channels, it allows day-based profitability assessment and making a difference in the competition in the market.
  • It enables the creation of product architecture by applying different financial models and methods.
  • It has the opportunity to work with a single data model infrastructure compatible with accounting systems that is consistent with itself.
  • It has effective reporting feature and integrated reporting solutions where financial results can be evaluated instantly.
  • It contains a single healthy data model that works in harmony with each other and provides output to other resources of the organization.

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