What Is NoSQL? How to Use It?

What Is NoSQL? How to Use It?
26 Nov 2020

NoSQL, which is a database type with flexible schemes for modern applications and specially designed for certain data models, has become prominent with its ease of development and practicality, functionality and high performance at an appropriate scale, and gained popularity in a short time. NoSQL database uses different data models, including chart, key value, document, in-memory search. As GTech, we shared various information about how the NoSQL database works and its features in this article.

Features of NoSQL Database

NoSQL database; It is a successful database solution for many application types such as mobile, web and game that need a flexible, high performance, multi-functional, scalable database.

  • Flexible: NoSQL enables faster and more iterative software development thanks to the flexible schemes it provides. For unstructured or semi-structured data, NoSQL databases are very suitable solutions.
  • Scalable: NoSQL is designed to scale out using distributed hardware clusters, eliminating the obligatory use of expensive and permanent servers.
  • High Performance: NoSQL databases, which are optimized with certain data models and access patterns, provide higher performance compared to similar functions with relational databases.
  • High Functionality: NoSQL databases have a high rate of functionality, as the data types and APIs it provides are prepared according to the relevant data model.
  • Easy Portability: The data belonging to the NoSQL database can be easily carried on the disk or memory card.
  • Ease of Identification: As in many other databases, data can be stored in JSON or XML format in NoSQL databases that do not need to be defined by storing data in rows and associating with other tables.

NoSQL Database Types

  • Document Databases: Document databases facilitate data storage and querying in the database, as they use the same document model used in application codes.
  • Graphic Databases: Graphic databases that aim to create and run applications that work with connected data sets are used in many areas such as social networks, suggestion infrastructures, fraud detection and information graphics.
  • Key-Value: Key-value databases IoT, which are highly segmented and allow for horizontal scaling that cannot be reached by other database types, are frequently used in areas such as gaming and advertising.
  • Search: Many applications keep logs to help software developers solve problems. NoSQL indexes and aggregates semi-structured logs and measurements, and searches them, allowing visualization and analysis of machine-generated data at a speed that can be considered real-time.
  • In Memory: It ensures that applications that need to be answered at very high speeds and can generate high traffic at any time, such as scorecards of advertising technology and game applications, repositories with session information and real-time analytics run on time and smoothly.

How Do NoSQL Database Queries Work?

Some of the queries used in NoSQL database;

  • actions.remove() // With this query, the collection named actions is completely deleted.
  • actions.find ({‘post_date’: ‘2015-11-07’}) // Lists the actions collection saved on 07.11.2015.
  • actions.find ({‘post_date’: ‘2015-11-07’}, {‘is_active’: true}) // Lists the active actions collection saved on 07.11.2015.

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