Project Description

Tekfen Holding accelerated the decision processes by submitting the real-time financial information to senior management in a single environment.

Location: Istanbul | Number of Employees:17.000 | Industry: Holding; Construction, Engineering, Fertilizer, Agriculture, Port Management, Real Estate


  • Digitalizing operational processes and accelerating their processes.
  • Providing fast access to singular and accurate data to accelerate the decision-making processes of senior management.
  • Preventing human errors and preparing the right reports with the right data by quitting the manual structure.


With the Financial Dashboard Project;

  • Deduplication, consolidation and integration were ensured in financial data of all Tekfen Group companies.
  • Submitting of integrated data to management in reports and dashboards was ensured.
  • Manual operations were automated with specified KPIs.
  • Operational and financial KPIs were rendered to be reported to the management team.


  • User-friendly Dashboards.
  • Access to the right data on a single platform.
  • More effective decisions and time savings.
  • Customization.

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