Striim – Real Time Data Integration

Striim – Real Time Data Integration
26 Nov 2020

Striim is an integration and analysis platform real-time big data that enables the collection of structured data such as CRM, Data Warehouse and unstructured data such as IoT, M2M, application and system logs, mobile applications, weather and instant traffic information in common data repositories through powerful integration adapters.

Being a complete enterprise level platform, Striim offers an end-to-end solution with detailed and comprehensive data flow analysis, data visualization functions and creates automatic notifications to accurately identify time sensitive and critically important information real-time data integration.

Advantages of Striim

  • It offers real-time data feeding, streaming data processing and monitoring, real-time data distribution in a single application.
  • By performing transformation, enrichment, filtering and estimation processes on data flowing in cloud (Cloud) or on-premise (On-Premise) environments, it provides correlation with reference data and provides easy migration of the data center to the cloud thanks to simplified real-time data synchronization.
  • It performs real-time data transfer to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud environments.
  • It continuously reads data from data sources with high speed and volume, such as log files, message systems, Hadoop and IoT data, through CDC, which requires a low resource. In this way, it continuously and instantaneously carries the data changes that occur as new transactions occur in the database, it ensures that up-to-date information is analyzed and fast solutions are found for time sensitive problems.
  • It performs different notifications such as real-time e-mail, short message (SMS), web alert, push notification by adhering to the rules defined on the flowing data.
  • It provides real-time integration of data without causing any slowdown or change in source systems.
  • It enriches the data in motion by preprocessing it with reference data in real time and enables it to be analyzed accurately.
  • It continuously verifies the data consistency between source and destination databases.
  • By minimizing network usage, it extends the service life of the servers and reduces the cost of ownership.
  • By establishing a relationship between more than one data source, it provides meaning to situations that cannot be detected from a single data source.
  • Provides Performance in Sub-Seconds: The processing of data produced within milliseconds continues without any delay.
  • It has a minimal impact since it does not interfere with Log-Based CDC and relational databases.
  • With its real-time monitoring and verification feature, it allows to monitor the correct and healthy data processing and flow.
  • Striim’s high-speed message infrastructure uses the Data Grid (data network), IMC for event stream processing and visualization.
  • It allows time, event and session based windowing.
  • It provides real-time data integration between On-Premise and Cloud systems.

To have an end-to-end Big Data solution with Striim, to perform real-time data analysis, to generate value with the new generation in-memory solution and to get the maximum benefit from your existing infrastructure, contact us!