Ziraat Bank,
Data Warehouse Migration Project

Ziraat Bank, migrated to Exadata with the Data Warehouse Migration Project
and started to manage its processes with a faster and higher performance structure.

Ziraat Bank, <br>Data Warehouse Migration Project
Ziraat Bank, <br>Data Warehouse Migration Project

The project:

  • Migrating from existing data warehouse system to Oracle Exadata.
  • Performing necessary performance cases for data transfer processes to be improved and be completed at the scheduled time.
  • Improvement of ETL processes and business dependencies.
  • Making disk usage more efficient.
  • Providing the monitorability of the codes developed as a database package.
  • Migration of ETL transactions, which are available as database packages on the old data warehouse, to ODI 12c.


  • The smooth and fast completion of the DWH migration project with GTech Consulting Services.
  • Solving the system support gap caused by the termination of services of the old data warehouse company in Turkey,
  • Increasing efficiency by completing ETL transactions on scheduled time.
  • Bringing data transformation processes to a central, manageable and sustainable structure by monitoring data from a single platform with ODI.
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