Software and Forecasting
Analytics Project

UNO, has started using  advanced technologies that provide
the same functions of sales forecasting, web and mobile applications.

Software and Forecasting <br>Analytics Project
Software and Forecasting <br>Analytics Project


  • Rewriting the current sales forecasting, web application and mobile application with up-to-date technology to provide the same functions.
  • Transferring certain data in the SAP system to MsSQL databases for use in web and mobile applications with web service and RFC technology.
  • Consolidating the received data and sales forecasting data and sending them to the mobile application and transferring data to SAP after sales, returns, collections, etc. are made in the mobile application.
  • Using data from sales forecasting, web application definitions and mobile application used in the process on the reporting side.
  • Data integrations between SAP, web and mobile application.


  • Obtaining mobile application and SAP integration competence in the software development team.
  • Establishment of reporting infrastructure.
  • Preparing sales forecasting in a performant and parametric way.
  • Making the project open to flexible development with the current technologies used.
  • Maximizing the performance of forecasting and data integrations.
  • Ensuring performance increase by using the most up-to-date technologies.
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