Setur Marinas,
IFRS Transformation Project

Setur Marinas It can automatically generate and track IFRS
financials and reports on a single platform with fast and accurate data.

Setur Marinas, <br>IFRS Transformation Project
Setur Marinas, <br>IFRS Transformation Project

The Project:

  • Ensuring that data is reported from a single and accurate source.
  • Accelerating the decision-making processes of senior management by making the company’s operational and financial performance monitoring fast and easily accessible.
  • Ensuring standardization of outputs in group reporting and analysis processes across the company.
  • Preparing the right reports with the right data in a short time by leaving the manual structure.


  • Increased efficiency by automatically executing each opening, adjustment and classification records taken in the creation of IFRS and legal financials from a single platform at the end of the project
  • Elimination of manual error margins with the digitalization of the process.
  • All reporting processes, including group and management reporting, will be accessible from a single platform.
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