Petrol Ofisi | OfisFinans,
Symphony Lending | Consumer Lending 

OfisFinans offers a new generation experience through mobile and web
digital channels, from the sale of second-hand vehicles to their credit process
and delivery to the customer’s address.

Petrol Ofisi | OfisFinans, <br>Symphony Lending | Consumer Lending 
Petrol Ofisi | OfisFinans, <br>Symphony Lending | Consumer Lending 

The Project:

  • Preparing the activities of OfisFinans for BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) audit, completing the developments in line with the operational business needs and going live.
  • Preparing and developing the necessary applications and environments defined by the BRSA for the consumer to apply for consumer financing credit.
  • Ensuring that the consumer can see information such as application details, payment plan, credits, and personal information through both web and mobile application.
  • Developing and reporting the consumer financing legal reports that OfisFinans is obliged to comply with the legislation.
  • Integration with both 3rd party companies and legal institutions.


  • Turkey’s first lending company was founded, offering fully digital products and services to its customers.
  • All requirements for passing the BRSA audit and obtaining an operating permit were met and the approval of the BRSA was obtained.
  • With nearly 20 integration points, both operational and legal integration needs were met.
  • Thanks to the product and transaction system structure managed from a single point, a structure that can adapt very fast against market conditions and the demands of legal institutions has been provided.
  • A system which is consistent with dynamic, centralized, easily revised process management infrastructure and features that minimize the margin of error established.
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