GTech Database Management Services

Pegasus, adapted to the Oracle Support calendar and migrated to a better
database system in every respect with the new features of 19C by updating all
Oracle database versions.

Pegasus, <br>GTech Database Management Services
Pegasus, <br>GTech Database Management Services

The Project:

  • Update requirements of Pegasus Oracle database systems
  • According to the support schedule which published by Oracle, there would be no support for 11G by the end of 2020.
  • The requirement to upgrade to an up-to-date version according to the support schedule.


  • All work, including the operating system upgrades, which is one of the biggest prerequisites for the 19C database version, was carried out systematically and in a planned manner.
  • Upgrading to 19C database version in accordance with the Oracle support calendar and with the longest-term support.
  • With many innovations brought by 19C, the technical infrastructure is made suitable for the projects needed in the corporation.
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