Habib Bank,
Symphony Banking Core Banking Project

Habib Bank has saved time with a structure that combines all banking requirements
at a single point and switched to an efficiency-oriented business model.

Habib Bank, <br>Symphony Banking Core Banking Project
Habib Bank, <br>Symphony Banking Core Banking Project

The project:

  • Implementing all core banking needs on a single platform.
  • Provide the core banking application’s response to technological innovations and updates in terms of legislation.
  • Monitoring legal reports, scenario-based forms such as TMS (Transaction Monitoring System) and MTF (Customer Identification Form) electronically.
  • Making legal reporting consistent and reliable.
  • Transferring account opening times and customer identification forms electronically.


  • With the low cost and easy integration capability system bank had easy management of all processes on a single platform.
  • Thanks to the product and transaction structure managed from a single point, a structure that can adapt very quickly to the market conditions and the requirements of legal institutions is provided.
  • A consistent system transition was achieved with a dynamic, centralized, easily revised process management infrastructure and features that minimize the margin of error.
  • Operational and legal risks were eliminated with a supportive infrastructure in line with Know Your Customer procedures.
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