EyeQube Retail Project,
Demand Forecasting and Stock Optimization

Beymen has taken sales and stock forecasting to a more advanced level
with machine learning in its complex and challenging operational processes.

EyeQube Retail Project, <br>Demand Forecasting and Stock Optimization
EyeQube Retail Project, <br>Demand Forecasting and Stock Optimization

The project:

  • Forecasting sales based on the types of products and shops to improve stock optimization
  • Providing accurate insights to accelerate the decision-making processes of senior management.
  • Transitioning to the automatic estimate method by leaving the manual structure, and assuring that the analysis, coding, and estimation process times are reduced.
  • Creating scalable insights based on branch and product, individually or collectively, with determined KPIs
  • Digitalization of operational and demand forecasting processes.


  • Providing decision support system in future planning with state-of-art machine learning algorithms.
  • By analyzing sales data in periods such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly providing accurate forecast outputs.
  • Visualizing data analyzes on real-time dashboards.
  • Establishing the right stock plan by making the right demand forecast and ensuring that the costs are minimized.
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