Project Description

Magdeburger Insurance automatically uploads the legal treasury reports they are obliged to send to Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (IIMC), with the data received from the data warehouse system.

Location: Istanbul | Number of Employees: 200+ | Sector: Insurance


  • Uploading the reports that insurance companies must upload to the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (IIMC) online.
  • Preparation of the data to be uploaded to via web service in XML format determined by IIMC.
  • The report data can be updated by the user.
  • Complying with the legislation updates published by IIMC.


With IIMC Legal Reporting Project;

  • Data was automatically taken from the data warehouse system and reported online to IIMC in the desired format.
  • Users were given the opportunity to manually enter or update data in the report.
  • An approval mechanism was established for data entry / data approver roles and reports.


  • Uploading the reports to IIMC in the desired format within the legal periods.
  • Labor and time savings by automatically withdrawing data from the data warehouse system.
  • With adjustment screens, users can interfere with data / manual data entry support.
  • With the authorization process, business units can take action in their own reports.

“In an area such as insurance which competition is intense, making fast and correct decisions are vital for managers. Thanks to the business intelligence application developed and successfully implemented by GTech, Magdeburger has gained great efficiency in reporting and analysis. Using any data at any time makes us healthier, detailed, accurate and faster decisions. I would like to thank all the GTech team for their efforts in successfully implementing this application as soon as possible.”

Muammer Uçarer
Magdeburger Insurance, Assistant General Manager

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