Project Description

Global Ports Holding combines monthly management reports, financial statements and quarterly consolidated footnotes in a single structure and monitors them through the HFM system.

Location: Istanbul | Number of Employees: 6000+ | Sector: Retail


  • To perform the data collection process quickly and reliably.
  • To ensure that all consolidated reports are retrieved from the system.
  • To systematize IFRS compliant management reporting and budget consolidation processes.
  • To facilitate the control process in the data collection process with validations and reconciliation reports.


With the HFM Consolidation Project;

  • Legal entries were automated by integrating trial balance with FDMEE.
  • With consolidation and currency conversion formulas, automated and consolidated financials were ensured to be created automatically.
  • FDMEE check, system validation and reconciliation report structures were established, and monitorability of data accuracy was ensured.
  • With PDF book reports, it was ensured that the reports to be submitted to the auditors could be easily retrieved in each period.


  • Time savings by reducing the time spent with the systematic reporting system.
  • Optimization of processes by automating the operations.
  • Accurate reporting with centralized data.
  • Establishment of decision mechanisms based on accurate data.

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