Project Description

Fibabanka, is now running all Oracle databases, including the Core Banking system, in the Cloud environment.

Location: Istanbul | Employee Numbers:1.500+ | Sector: Banking


With the purchase of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer by the corporation:

  • Product commissioning.
  • Transference of Oracle databases in the corporation to ECC with a specific project plan.
  • In particular, the completion of the “migration” procedures of the Core Banking Oracle database without error, fast (minimum interruption) and with all possible scenarios.
  • Transition to live upon completion of all tests.


With GTech System and Database Team Migration Services;

  • Core Banking Database migration over first Exadata Cloud at Customer in Turkey was completed without error.
  • All migration processes were planned from A to Z and the product was commissioned with anticipated interruptions.
  • All the tests and scenarios were optimally completed within the framework of a specific project plan.


  • With the completion of the migration, reduction in operation and maintenance costs.
  • Decrease in license costs.
  • Capacity on demand, management via GUI, etc. Fast system management by using many features of cloud systems.
  • Performance increase in Core Banking and Data Warehouse processes.

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