Project Description

Turk P&I Sigorta can display all the data and reports it needs quickly and accurately with dashboard reports.

Location: Istanbul | Industry: Insurance


  • Difficulties experienced in report preparation processes in the current system.
  • Lack of means to prepare the needed reports.


With Türk P&I Sigorta Wiseboard Insurance Project;

  • Integration with the existing insurance application was provided.
  • Data Warehouse system was established.
  • Production, damage, actuarial, finance and budget reports needed by Business Units were developed.


  • Accurate and fast viewing of required reports.
  • Easy analysis with visual reports.
  • Providing access to accurate information and accelerating decision processes with management dashboards.
  • Providing accurate forecasts with access to important company information such as production and damage.

“Reducing our company’s manual reporting burden; we had the opportunity to meet GTech while we were looking for a solution partner that would meet the need that arose as a result of our desire to evaluate the critical processes of our operation with instant data analysis that can be quickly accessed, interpreted and visually facilitated. The trust relationship we established with the GTech project team at the proposal stage continued until the last day of the project. I would like to thank all the GTech project team, who stood by us with a positive and constructive approach in every phase of the project and embraced this project as much as we do. We completed our project on time and without any problems, thanks to the team which understood our requests at the proposal stage, evaluated possible problems from the beginning, and produced fast and timely solutions. I congratulate the GTech management for establishing an experienced team with a high desire to do the best.”

Enis Güngör

Turk P&I Sigorta, Assistant General Manager

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