Project Description

SHURA consolidated data from 52 source systems, including Epiaş Transparency Platform, on a single platform, and accelerated analysis processes with drag-and-drop reports.

Location: Istanbul | Industry: Energy


  • Presenting data from different sources on a single structure.
  • Accelerating decision making and analysis processes.
  • Preventing man-made errors by leaving the manual structure in the resources available from the web.
  • Ability of team members to create their own reports on a single platform and with deduplicated data.


With the Shura Energy Data Model Project;

  • Deduping, consolidation, and integration were achieved in data from all sources.
  • Awareness was created in the Shura team on how to create reports and dashboards from their integrated data.
  • 15 source systems that were collected and processed manually via web services were integrated into the reporting environment.
  • An updated structure has been set up that will automatically receive data changes and updates.


  • Fast access to correct data through a single platform.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop report preparation environment.
  • More efficient reports and time savings.
  • Preventing errors in manual report preparation processes.

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