Project Description

ETS Tur manages the centralized and automated budget data in the Cloud environment without needing IT support.

Location: İstanbul | Number of Employees:60.000 | Sector: Tourism


  • Occurring data and formula errors in submitting reports to management.
  • Too much time loss with long reporting processes in manual processes.
  • Reporting of data from different sources requiring repetitive processes and are open to human errors.
  • Reducing time loss caused by manual data collection.


With the Hyperion PBCS Cloud (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) Budget Project;

  • Data was collected from a single source and centralized.
  • Data collection and operational processes were automated.
  • System’s flexibility and operating speed were increased.
  • Analyzing power was increased.
  • Data security and versioning was done.
  • With the actual data integrations, easy and fast reporting was provided in a single environment.
  • Data entry and formula errors were prevented.


  • Digital operational processes and data integration.
  • Avoiding manual errors.
  • Deduplication of all data belonging to group companies.
  • Accurate reports with accurate data.
  • Access to reports with customized Dashboards from anywhere.
  • Making instant strategic decisions based on data.

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