Project Description

With the Zero-Based Budgeting project, it accelerated its decision processes by integrating all its data from a single platform.

Location: Istanbul | Industry: Information Technologies-Software Development


  • Integration of all data.
  • Detailed planning of Operation and Investment Expenses from scratch.
  • Instant access to Operation and Investment Expenses reports and visuals by senior management.
  • Automating the system by leaving the manual structure.
  • Preventing man-made errors.


With the SBB (Zero-Based Budgeting) Project;

  • A suitable platform has been created so that Operation and Investment Expenses can be entered from scratch on a detailed basis.
  • Department, cost center, and account-based upper-level control of expenses were made possible.
  • Manual processes were automatized.
  • User friendly screens were created.


  • Real Time tracking of data with user-friendly screens.
  • Fast access to correct data through a single platform.
  • Fast and secure control and analysis of expense data on the basis of Cost Center, Category, and Sub-Category.
  • Making more effective decisions with fast access to data.
  • Time savings with access to data from a single platform.

“I would like to state that we are very pleased to work together on the project, which was realized thanks to GTech’s expertise, solution-oriented approach towards customer needs, fast action against our requests, and excellent communication with our team.”

Ahmet Çolak
Yapı Kredi Technology,
Financial Manager

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