Project Description

Shaya Turkey plans all staff expenses in a single structure with the parameters specified in line with the legal obligations.

Location: Istanbul | Number of Employees: 6000+ | Industry: Retail


  • Person-based and parametric planning of Store and Head Office staff expenses.
  • Integration of staff expenses with Al Shaya Kuwait.
  • Transforming actual data and budget data into a comparable structure.
  • Ensuring that analyzes are done on a single data source.


With Oracle EPM Cloud;

  • PBCS application integrated with IT HR was completed.
  • It was ensured that the actual and budget data integrated with Kuwait Shaya was shared.
  • It was ensured that the personnel budget, which was furthered based on actual personnel information, was planned.
  • Cost items related to store staff transfers were transferred.
  • The management of the store opening and closing processes and the corresponding change of the personnel budget were planned.


  • Real-time decision-making capability by updating instant personnel costs.
  • Accurate budget planning with the integration of all data.
  • Transparent management of operational processes.
  • Tracking store and related personnel movements and preventing mistakes.
  • Providing correct information by creating a solution integrated with ERP.

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