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Magic Reports is a Legal Reporting product where all the requirements are met by preparing reports submitted to official institutions on a single financial data model.


GTech Magic Reports product ensures that the reports that are required to be sent to the official institutions in banking are prepared in full automation and all business, audit and process requirements are met together in this process. It also provides a platform that can be used for different reporting and analysis requirements.


It provides faster and safer reports by eliminating the need to prepare reports manually.

Updating possibilities

It ensures screening on the report results or updating on excel file without template, keeping the calculated version in the system hidden.

Approval mechanism

While the reports are updated by authorized users, it provides approval of another user with approval authority and allows the approved reports to be filed in the appropriate format.


It allows the process to result in a single operation when authorizing a new user or granting the authority of a function to the necessary users.


While defining which report should work based on which period, it also enables determining with which schedule it will work following the period.

Parametric structure including templates

It allows the official report changes to be made easily thanks to the parametric structure of the product including report templates.


With the versioning function it has, it meets the old and new report requests from the official institutions for the same period or new version reports retrospectively.


It offers the opportunity to archive unnecessary report results and recall them when needed.


It provides the function of displaying incompatibilities by providing information on the update screens by entering control formulas that are entirely bank-specific and that are awaited by official institutions from the cross-check login screen.


Magic Reports stores the data in the historical financial data model, with the approved and unapproved results of the reports ran by the user. In addition, it also provides users the opportunity to examine the details of data that constitute the results of the reports for analysis and control purposes.

The Value It Creates

Why Magic Reports?

  • 20 years of field experience in Banking Sector
  • Experienced and qualified business analysis, technical analysis and software consultancy team in official reporting
  • Offering real solutions to the problems with the experience gained in the projects realized in the banking sector
  • Providing special solutions for the banking sector and high customer satisfaction
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