Project Description

Habib Bank has saved time with a structure that combines all banking requirements at a single point and switched to an efficiency-oriented business model.

Location: Istanbul  | Industry: Banking


  • The Core Banking application’s response to technological innovations and updates in terms of legislation.
  • Monitoring legal reports, scenario-based forms such as TMS (Transaction Monitoring System) and MTF (Customer Identification Form) electronically.
  • Making legal reporting consistent and reliable.
  • Transferring account opening times and customer identification forms electronically.


With Symphony Banking Core Banking Project;

  • All core banking needs were met on a single platform.
  • The bank’s customer acceptance, all kinds of cash/non-cash loans, deposits, treasury, foreign trade, cash management, sales and operational transactions were carried out.
  • Online integration has been provided to banking ecosystem applications (Swift, Eft, KKB, E-attachment, E-Government integrations etc.) that the bank must do.
  • Legal Reporting needs were provided.


  • With the transition to Symphony Banking, which has low cost and easy integration capability, Habib Bank provided easy management of all processes on a single platform.
  • Thanks to the product and transaction structure managed from a single point, a structure that can adapt very quickly to the market conditions and the requirements of legal institutions was provided.
  • A consistent system transition was achieved with a dynamic, centralized, easily revised process management infrastructure and features that minimize the margin of error.
  • Operational and legal risks were eliminated with a supportive infrastructure in line with Know Your Customer procedures.
  • Time and cost savings were achieved by consistently preparing legal reports on the same system without the need for third parties.

“Our cooperation with GTech stands out as an alternative to the solution providers known and preferred in the industry, in addition to the technical equipment and advantages it provides, and expands the competitive environment. We believe that with the introduction of a new breath and excitement to the sector, the technological quality of banking software in our country will increase, and the service providers and buyers will be extremely satisfied with this situation.”

Ayşe Şebnem Türkay

Habib Bank, General Manager

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