Wiseboard Retail

With the Analytics Retail Solution, instantly monitor your KPIs and manage your operation more properly.

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Wiseboard Retail, perakende sektörünün kompleks ve zorlu süreçlerindeki temel KPI’ların anlık görüntülenmesini, karar vericilerin performans takibini mobil cihazlar üzerinden de kolay şekilde yapmalarını sağlayan Analitik Perakendecilik Çözümüdür.


Wiseboard Retail, a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution consisting of Dashboards and reports for the retail industry, provides analysis of the data with its Plug-and-Play model.

  • Best sectoral analytical models and analysis
  • Plug-and-play, Data Warehouse Model specific to the retail industry, and ETL
  • End-to-end design
  • Automatic anomaly and data control infrastructure
  • Ad-hoc and Self-Service BI
  • 100+ Ready KPIs
  • 10+ Dashboards
  • Data control infrastructure to minimize errors
  • Analytical and Operational report printouts
  • Ability of power users to design reports via Subject Area
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The Value It Creates

Future Forecasting

It evaluates the daily routines, compares with the achieved goals and plans the future.

Data Based Decision System

Provides information-based real-time decision support.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Makes the analyzes by significantly monitoring the data with Sectoral KPI standards.

360 degrees Customer Analysis

Integrates data from different sources and allows analysis that covers the behavior of its customers.


Cost Reduction

Provides minimization of customization costs via implementation of Ready Datamart Model, Dashboard, Report and KPI Set.

Time Saving

It allows analysis, coding and error management times to be shortened.


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Why Wiseboard Retail?

  • Retail industry experience
  • Easy and fast adaptable architectural structure with ready-made data models and reports
  • Platform independent infrastructure
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