Mine TaşkayaKurucu Ortak & Genel Müdür
Mine Taşkaya, who is a graduate of Middle East Technical University Computer Engineering and has a very good command of English, assumed various positions in industry-leading companies such as IBM, Koç Sistem, and Coretech before GTech and founded GTech in 2000.

Being the Chairperson of the Oracle Business Partners Advisory Board, Taşkaya is also working as a “Mentor” in the METU Alumni Association Advisory Board; working to create pioneers like herself, who will bring young people to the industry.

Taşkaya, who foresees opportunities quickly with a visionary perspective and uses her courage to strictly follow the truth, summarizes the keys of the current success of her company as “to see the opportunities that lie within the crisis with a solution-oriented perspective, to take decisions very quickly and to adopt a management approach that immediately converts these decisions into practice”.

“Sailing is a unique passion”
Taşkaya emphasizes that success is a team work and highlights that the harmony and cooperation between the members of this team are at least as important as the team itself. Taşkaya is involved in many branches of sports, but sailing is her favorite. “Because sailing is a team activity and the only way to make the team successful is meeting the right people with the right strategy.”

“If I have to fight against windmills, if I have to change the method, I will change it.”
Stating that she loves to work on creating and producing things in life, Taşkaya chose engineering as a profession thanks to the computer games she played in her youth. Being involved with the technology of world by this means, favorite mottos of Taşkaya are: “If I have to fight against windmills, if I have to change the method, I will change it!” and “If there is a problem, there is also a solution; why wouldn’t it be us to solve this problem?”

“I am not a successor, I am a pioneer and every journey I have started with courage has brought me success. Today, being one of the leading technology companies in the industry, Gtech proves me once again that I am on the right track.”

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