Wiseboard Insurance

Instantly monitor the KPIs of your insurance operation, discover all the opportunities that will increase your operational efficiency and positively impact your profitability.

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Wiseboard Insurance is realized very quickly with the Plug-and-Play Data Warehouse Model and ETL solution. It is an Analytical Insurance Solution that provides real-time decision-making to decision makers with instant KPI monitoring.


Wiseboard Insurance provides easy access to reports on Dashboards and desired level of detailed information, enabling basic KPIs and performance monitoring in the insurance industry to be made instantly via mobile devices.

  • 10+ Dashboards
  • 150+ Analytical and Operational Reports
  • 200+ KPIs
  • 25+ Size-based reporting options
  • Integration with different Insurance applications
  • Receiving data from structural and non-structural systems
  • Datamarts specific to the Subject (Production, Damage, Agency, Guarantee, Reassurance etc.)
  • Data Warehouse Model specific to Insurance (3NF)
  • Multilayer data model (ODS, Foundation, Datamart, Derived Layers)
  • Ready ETL infrastructure and Mappings/Packages
  • Receiving data from different applications with Staging/Landing Zone

The Value It Creates


It enables the results of the operation to be measured more precisely and accurately with the opportunity to monitor KPIs specific to the insurance sector.


Fast Forecasting and Problem Solving

It enables faster detection and improvement of problematic cases.


Increased Profitability

Identification of opportunity areas and detection of potential income increase or decrease opportunities.


Flexible Infrastructure

It provides easy integration to the existing system with its platform-independent (Oracle, Microsoft, Tableau), flexible and scalable infrastructure.

Why Wiseboard Insurance?

  • Insurance industry experience
  • Easy and fast adaptable architectural structure with ready-made data models
  • Platform independent infrastructure
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